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Higgs-Boson: What Is The “God Particle”, And Why Is It So Important?

Particle physicists think they have discovered a key element to a question we have never been able to answer: where did we come from? While it’s long been thought in the scientific world that life on Earth was created by a “big bang”–the high-energy collision of particles and matter billions of years ago within the universe–one very big snag in …

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God Particle Not Found by CERN, Finds Comic-Sans Instead

CERN is an organization which can be accredited for bringing us the internet via Tim Berners-Lee, along with other scientific and technological advancements. Lately, they’ve been utilizing their Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator to find the higgs boson. Which is also called the “god particle“. You would think an organization dealing with something like the higgs boson …

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