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GNOME Foundation Has Run Out Of Money GNOME Foundation Has Run Out Of Money

The GNOME Foundation is one of the cornerstones of the open-source software development community. Not only does the foundation work to create their own free software computing platform, but it also funds outreach programs. As it turns out, those outreach …

Perl Coders Get New GTK+ Release

Programmers on Perl and other languages can take advantage of the latest stable release of the GTK+ toolkit to facilitate rapid application development.

GNOME Released With New Search

Version 2.14 of GNOME’s desktop for Linux or UNIX systems contains a new integration of a desktop search bar that can search the local machine or several search engines online.

Weather Forecast For Google: Summer of Code

Google’s embrace of the open source computing community is growing stronger and stronger. If you are a code junkie and would like to make some extra cash, Google may have just the thing for you.