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Snorting Smarties And Other Strange Ways Kids Get “High”
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According to officials at the Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island, the newest way for kids to get “high” is by snorting Smarties candies. Children and teens are grinding the candies up into a powder and then making a line …

Israel Invents Weed Without The Stoner Effect

Israeli scientists have cultivated a Marijuana plant that doesn’t get people high when they smoke it. No, it is not some form of inhumane torture, it’s an effort to deliver the medicinal soothing effects of marijuana to patients struggling with …

Bob Marley Birthday Wishes Via Twitter Bob Marley Birthday Wishes Via Twitter
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Potheads get accused for having really poor memory, and rightfully so. Today, however, the memory of pot heads everywhere was spot-on as they took to Twitter to remember the birthday of their patron saint and reggae legend, Bob Marley. In …

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