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More Gesture-Controlled Devices Are Coming

The mouse has been a primary interaction tool for computers for close to three decades now, but manufacturers are still looking for other ways consumers can interact with their devices. The touchscreen revolution in the industry over the past six years has reinvigorated the search for new interactive technologies, and manufacturers are now looking to movies such as Minority Report …

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Car Gesture Controls to Take Off in Next Decade

Touch screens are finally making their way into car dashboards in a big way. Luxury cars such as the Tesla Model S now have entire entertainment and navigation systems running entirely off of what are essentially dashboard tablets. However, as technology continues to evolve, some market watchers are expecting that soon drivers will not have to touch anything at all …

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This Armband May Control All Your Electronics One Day

Google Glass has kickstarted a craze of wearable computing. Apple might even get in on it soon. Now others are getting into the fray with devices that may interact with other wearable computers like Glass in really unique ways. One of those other devices cashing in on the wearable computing scene is the MYO. It’s an armband that uses the …

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The Future Of Smartphone Control May Lie In Simple Hand Gestures

Smartphones started out with buttons, and then moved into a combination of buttons and touchscreens. Now most smartphones are controlled entirely with multi-touch panels that continue to evolve into more impressive pieces of tech. So what’s next after we exhaust current touch panel innovations? Microchip, a provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, thinks the answer lies in gestures. The …

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