Plus-size Clothing: Tired Of Being Overcharged By Old Navy? Shop These Alternatives

Plus-size Clothing: Tired Of Being Overcharged By Old Navy? Shop These Alternatives

By Toni Matthews-El November 15, 2014

The Old Navy (Gap Inc.) plus-size clothing controversy is presently shining a bright light on gender-related sizeism. Dissatisfied customer Renee Posey opted to create a Change.org petition to deal with what she felt was blatant discrimination by Gap Inc. With …

Google, YouTube Grow In San Bruno

I buy clothes once a year or so (if that).  I run searches dozens, if not hundreds, of times per day.  So on the whole, I’m rather pleased with this development: Google is taking over a San Bruno, California property formerly inhabited by Gap Inc.

The Broadband Gap In The U.S.

The U.S. ranks 15th in the world in broadband adoption, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The SEO Playbook (Welcome to the Rabbit Hole)

SEO is about more than meta tags, title tags, and targeted anchor text. Call it "competitive webmastering", "SEO", or any one of a slew of other titles – it is the thought process of lateral thinking and understanding of website creation and marketing combined that matters most.

Product (RED): Smart Social Marketing?

In a great post over at PSFK – Piers publishes the content of a conversation he had with Julie Cordua, the VP of Marketing for the often talked about Product (RED) social marketing campaign.  

The IM Gap & Contextual Relevancy

As a 28 year-old writing professional, instant messaging is a foregone conclusion to the scope of my work. Every moment of my working day is spent logged in to the IM client that we employ to communicate with each other here in the office, as well as to get quick quotes and information from sources.

Enterprise 1.0 – 2.0 Gap

Mark Masterson highlights the need for Enterprise 2.0 to work with Enterprise 1.0:

Filling The Knowledge Gap With SNCR

I’ve been working in the background the last few months with Jen McClure on the SNCR Research Symposium and Awards Gala, which took place earlier this week in Boston.

Kiptronic Bridges Sponsor-Podcaster Gap

Kiptronic CEO Jonathan Cobb has a history of balancing on the next big wave in audio. Cobb was one of the first to move radio to the Internet in 1996, only to create a geographically distributed real-time Internet radio station in 2000. And now there’s Kiptronic, a podcast sponsorship company you’re going to hear a lot more about.

PR 2.0 Podcast

A subset of the PR 2.0 Gang that Brian Oberkirch originally assembled at the NewComm Forum, regrouped earlier this week to talk about the social media services gap and some related challenges facing PR agencies today (podcast here).

The Social Media Billing Gap

So my earlier post on the social media services gap kicked up some discussion, and as always, that’s a good thing, right, but I purposely left something out of that post that’s worth touching on now, even if consensus is still lacking — that’s billing.

The Social Media Services Gap

Okay, so clearly a lot of debate remains about how and where social media should fit in a communications program, but there are two things the PR community seems to largely agree on: First, that the best programs, by today’s standards, are those that blend/bridge traditional media plans with social media strategies and tactics and secondly, that a degree of specialization and acuity is still required to effectively navigate and participate in online conversations.

Rural Broadband Gap Closing

Rural America is closing the gap in broadband usage. Two years ago, only nine percent of rural homes had high-speed Internet, compared to 22 percent of urban and suburban America. At the end of 2005, broadband Internet had made its way into 24 percent of rural homes, compared to 39 percent closer to the city.

Bridging the Corporate Knowledge Gap – Conferencing with Execs

The room was excellent, providing seating for about 50 people per session.

Filling the Market Gap for Offline Blog Editors

Some readers of this blog have left some great comments to my post last week about offline blog editors.

Mind The Conversation Gap

Over the past several months I have travelled around the country, meeting with senior marketers at some of the biggest global companies on the planet.

The Process to Results Gap

Many times in BPR projects the focus is put on redesign. This article is related to the common pitfall of underestimating process deployment.