The Internet Population Boom

The Internet Population Boom

By Mike Fossum May 18, 2012

Internet marketing agency Customer Magnetism just compiled a new infographic describing the rise of worldwide internet use over the past decade. There’s been 528.1% in growth of internet users since 2000, with 32.7% of world population now online, equalling 2.27 …

Yahoo Southeast Asia Seals Deal With Friendster

Late yesterday, Yahoo Southeast Asia got what may be a big leg up in the social networking arena.  Yahoo Southeast Asia established a partnership with Friendster that will see the two entities doing a great deal of cross-promotion in the near future.

Friendster Expands In Asia Pacific

If fortune favors the bold, Friendster is pretty much guaranteed to experience all sorts of success.  The social network has decided to defy economic trends by opening new offices in two different countries, and is also putting its media pull to the test by placing the announcement up against inauguration coverage.

Friendster Gets Friendly with Facebook

Friendster announced today that it is now supporting both Facebook and Opensocial apps. Integration with these has now become part of the Friendster Developer Program, though they’ve been supporting OpenSocial since August.

Friendster Gets New CEO, $20 Million In Funding

Friendster is a social network that almost never gets mentioned in the same breath as MySpace and Facebook.  Googlers living in Australia are also a little distance away from what’s seen as the mainstream.  Add these two things together, though – and toss in $20 million – and you have an intriguing development.

Will Facebook Get “Friendstered”?

Anyone remember Friendster? It was an early entrant into the social networking scene. If they had done their work right they SHOULD have been a much bigger player than they are now.

Why aren’t they?

Friendster Adds Fan Profiles
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Friendster has introduced a new feature on its social networking site called "Fan Profiles" which lets bands, companies, celebrities, nonprofits and other groups promote themselves.

Facebook, Friendster Signal Changing Tide

The world of social networking is changing, but don’t worry, it’s not permanent. It’s more of a tide than anything that reaches and recedes from all things. MySpace is changing, Facebook is catching, and Friendster is resurrected.

Friendster Coming Back? Puh-leeze

Matt Marshall over at Venture Beat has a post up about Friendster with a “returning from the dead” kind of vibe: Matt points out that the site — which is kind of the poster boy for early social-networking success, followed by equally rapid failure — has had what he calls a “massive” 40-per-cent jump in page views in May, to 9 billion (Facebook gets about 11 billion a month).

Social Network Users Get Around

Users of social networks are not very brand loyal according to Parks Associates "Web 2.0 & the New Net" report.

Friendster Drops Yahoo, Gets New Best Friend
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It’s a timeless story; a friendship that had all the makings of lasting a lifetime is torn to shreds when one of the parties drops the other in favor of a richer, cooler, and more popular pal. Playing the part of the jilted friend in today’s dramatization is Yahoo, who appears to have once again been shafted by Google.

Google Becomes Buddies With Friendster

Google has been successful in many different, almost unrelated, endeavors, but one thing that it lacks is a popular social networking site. The search engine giant has, however, managed to establish an advertising deal with MySpace, and Friendster’s CEO recently indicated that Google made a similar arrangement with his company.

Blog introductions

Bloggers know many people. Not only are bloggers on a first name basis with other bloggers who share their interests, but the blog itself has helped to create a wider network of personal contacts. Networking is just one more blog benefit. Bloggers know bloggers.

What If Google Had Bought Friendster?

The New York Times is running an article about Friendster’s woes, and latest attempts to revive itself. Naturally, it begins with Google.

Friendster Caught Between a Rock and a Facebook

The game is over, and Friendster lost.

SixDegrees Co-Founder On Friendster Patent

Do you sign into your MySpace account eight times a day? Perhaps Facebook has become your home away from home. Frankly, I hope not. But the latest news about Friendster’s patent on social networks should relax that sort of dedicated soul, and more normal users.

Friendster Awarded Social Networking Patent

Being a pioneer of social networking has its drawbacks and benefits. Though Friendster’s thunder was stolen by the likes of MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo, a social networking patent may give the company a back door to lost revenue recovery.