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The Internet Population Boom

Internet marketing agency Customer Magnetism just compiled a new infographic describing the rise of worldwide internet use over the past decade. There’s been 528.1% in growth of internet users since 2000, with 32.7% of world population now online, equalling 2.27 billion people. Google takes the search cake at 66.2%, with Bing and Yahoo coming in at 15.2% and 14.1% respectively. …

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Zuckerberg Admits Friendster Was a Model for Facebook

Friendster, launched in 2002 and the most popular social network pre-Myspace (2003), was said to be a bit of a template for Facebook (2004), according to founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In an interview with the Harvard Crimson in 2004, Zuckerberg claimed that Friendster was a model for the social network he was developing, which made news at the time …

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Friendster Reinvents Itself With Social Gaming

The long thought dead social media site “Friendster” is trying to reinvent it self as a social gaming platform. The old “IT” social media platform before Facebook, and before Myspace has decided that after it was no longer a player in the social media game, that it would use it’s fairly good name recognition to launch a gaming platform specifically …

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