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New Google Algorithm Changes Continue To Focus On Freshness

Google has been all about some freshness lately. In November, the company launched its freshness update, which it said built upon the momentum of Caffeine, in getting fresher results in Google. It seems as though Google is trying to make up for the lack of realtime search – a void left by the expiration of Google’s deal with Twitter. When …

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Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes (Freshness Update Gets Updated)

Google rolled out “Search Plus Your World” in January, but that’s not the only change they made to how they deliver search results. Not even close. If you’ve been following, you may know that Google has been putting out blog posts the last few months highlighting some of the various algorithm changes they’ve made (without giving away the secret sauce …

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Google “Freshness” Update Helps A Bunch of News Sites

A few days ago, Google confirmed that it launched a new algorithm update with freshness in mind. The update is built “upon the momentum” of Caffeine, the infrastructure update Google completed last year, designed to index fresher content more quickly. This new update, the company says, impacts roughly 35% of searches. It’s designed to show more high quality pages that …

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