American Flag Desecration Leads to Charges

American Flag Desecration Leads to Charges

By Mike Fossum May 21, 2014

A Blair County, Pennsylvania man was charged with desecration and insults to the flag after spray painting an American flag with the letters “AIM” and hanging it upside down outside his home. Neighbors and passersby were offended by the display, …

Censored Blogger: "People Need to Know the Truth" Censored Blogger: "People Need to Know the Truth"

For a man who’s been diagnosed with diabetes, you’d never guess that about Steven Cooksey. His life choices fly directly in the face of the American Diabetes Association’s recommendations for people living with the disease. He maintains a no-grain/low-carbohydrate diet, …

Should Sex Offenders Be Allowed On Facebook? Should Sex Offenders Be Allowed On Facebook?

I am not a father. Because of this, I don’t possess the visceral, instinctual drive to protect my children at all costs. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m insensitive to the challenges of protecting kids both online and offline, …

Flashing Headlights Is First Amendment Right Flashing Headlights Is First Amendment Right

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In a surprising move, a judge in Sanford, Florida ruled that a man who flashed his headlights to warn neighbors that a deputy had set up a speed trap nearby was lawfully exercising his First Amendment right to freedom of …

SOPA/PIPA: The Aftermath of Web Blackout, ACTA, & What’s Next SOPA/PIPA: The Aftermath of Web Blackout, ACTA, & What’s Next

Even though the SOPA and PIPA bills are essentially dead, they are still getting a lot of attention. Last week, the U.S. witnessed a powerful expression from both brands and consumers that demonstrated their strong opposition to the anti-piracy bills.

Metallica Now Master of Puppet Bloggers

This may or not be taught in PR 101, perhaps because the general tenet is obvious: Don’t screw up good PR with bad PR. We’ll chalk this one up to Metallica’s management and not to the band itself, just to be fair.

Be Careful While Blogging In Other Countries

I’m all for freedom of speech, but does it seem to you that us "bloggers" are getting just a little too big for our boots?

I ask, because there seems to be some kind of uproar over a US blogger in Singapore, who was arrested and released on bail after taunting a judge.

A Neutral Net Will Save The Watchdogs

Something is starkly wrong when diametrically opposed ideologues join hands in public to protest something else. That something wrong, in a nutshell: the government and communications companies working in concert to erode the freedoms that made our country great.

Facebook Islam Row Highlights Free Speech Issues
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Historically, in the brick-and-mortar world, we’ve had courts to settle disputes. Online, there are terms of service agreements and invisible judges determining, usually at the behest of the loudest and largest mob, who is guilty of crossing the line between conscious protest and hate speech.

It’s YouTube And MeTube, But Not ThemTube
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The problem with open societies, free speech, and Web 2.0 is that any ol’ jerk can believe and say anything they want. That you’d rather they didn’t is kind of your problem. But it’s a bigger problem for larger entities like YouTube and Google who provide the platform, or, since Microsoft’s not using it, the soapbox for the jerks to stand upon.

Another Chinese Cyber-Dissident Jailed

Not to brag as much as give thanks:  it’s nice to live in a place where you won’t go to jail for having something to say. "Cyber-dissident" Zhang Jianhong (pen name, Li Hong) can go to jail for it, and is, for six years.

We can also be thankful phrases like "reeducation-through-work camp for counter-revolutionary propaganda" still sound to us like something out of a George Orwell fantasy.