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Michael Arrington Sues Rape Accuser Jenn Allen

Jenn Allen, an ex-girlfriend of Techcrunch/Crunchfund Founder Michael Arrington, recently took to Facebook to make abuse allegations against him. While rape was not mentioned in the initial post, she later brought that up in comments on a Gawker article about her first post. Arrington, who has strongly denied any abuse or rape, has now filed a suit against Allen. Here’s …

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Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Is Only Spending One Day A Week At The Company

The New York Times ran a piece this week about Twitter, saying that CEO Dick Costolo is “essentially running the business alone,” and that co-founder Jack Dorsey, who returned to the company last year after leaving in 2008, has assumed a reduced role at the company “after employees complained that he was difficult to work with and repeatedly changed his …

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The Bill Gates Comic You’ve Been Waiting For Is Now Available (Google, Dorsey Comics On The Way)

Bluewater Productions announced that its new Bill Gates comic, ““Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft,” is now available in stores and online. The description says: He has been called the sultan of software and the master of the modern PC. Follow the life of William Gates from his early days writing basic code, through the rise of Microsoft, to his current …

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Jerry Yang: What Yahoo Employees Have Said About Him

As you may know, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned from all positions at the company. Glassdoor has taken the opportunity to share what some Yahoo employees have said in reviews on the site (dating back to 2008). “Jerry Yang continues to be Chief Yahoo and his role has always been dubious. It appears that Jerry wants to have the …

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