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Are You As Satisfied With The Google Experience As You Used To Be?

Research out this week from Foresee finds that customer satisfaction with Google (and other search engines and social networks) is down significantly. The firm suggests that the proliferation of advertising (especially in search engines) is “diminishing the customer experience.” Do agree? Are ads making the search experience worse? Are you less satisfied with Google or other search engines than you …

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Amazon Wins at Online Customer Service, Everyone Piles On Netflix

Which company has the best online customer service? What about the worst? While the names will not surprise you, the level of satisfaction provided may very well. Findings from a recent study conducted by ForeSee, a “customer experience analytics firm,” aimed to measure which retailer offered the best and worst in regards to customer satisfaction during the 2011 holiday shopping …

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Report: Groupon More Popular by 2 to 1 Margin Over LivingSocial

ForeSee Results released some interesting data regarding he effectiveness of Groupon, Living Social and other “daily deal” programs. The firm conducted a study of over 22,000 online shoppers in the spring, and one subject they explored was the whole daily deal phenomenon, whether or not they brought in new customers, and these services compare with one another.   Highlights of …

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Amazon, Netflix Earn Top Customer Satisfaction Scores

People who shop for things online wind up happiest when they buy from companies including Amazon, Netflix, Newegg, Apple, and eBay, according to new research.  ForeSee Results’s E-Retail Satisfaction Index ranked these sites among the best online retailers in the U.S.

Indeed, based on a survey of almost 10,000 people who had recently visited the top 40 retail sites, Amazon and Netflix actually tied for first place with scores of 86 for "shopper satisfaction."  That’s compared to an average score of 76 for the top 40 group as a whole.

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