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UFO Sightings: Where Were They Visiting This Year?

UFO sightings continue to amaze and scare the world. They also have a way of piquing our curiosity. It seems like UFOs seem to prefer certain places to others and some even visit the same areas over and over again. This year alone, more than ten UFO incidents made the international news. So where were all of these UFOs spotted? …

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FBI UFO Memo is the Agency’s Most-Requested

The FBI revealed this week in a blog post that an agency memo referring to “flying saucers” is the most-requested file in the FBI vault. The memo is dated March 22, 1950 and was written by the FBI’s Washington, D.C. field office head at the time, Guy Hottel. The document is freely available via the FBI records vault. It reads: …

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Declassified Documents Show Air Force Was Working On UFOs

Everybody loves a good UFO story. The fascination with alien spacecraft has been documented throughout the centuries with stories dating all the way back to 10th-century mentioning the circular flying machines. Flying saucers really took off in popular culture in the 50s, however, and we haven’t looked back. It appears that not only filmmakers were obsessed with the flying saucer …

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Drone Mistaken for UFO in Washington, D.C. Causes Panic

A drone mistaken for a UFO in Washington, D.C. caused a lot of area residents to freak out, prompting several concerned individuals to place calls to 911. What folks witnessed, of course, was an experimental unmanned aircraft being transported on a flatbed truck down I-270. If the government intended to move an unidentified flying object from one destination to another, …

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