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Flu Shots: The Pros And Cons Of The Vaccine

It’s flu season, the time of year when sneezes, coughs and fevers seem almost inevitable. One of the ways you can try to avoid catching the flu is by getting an annual flu shot. Some doctors insist that flu shots are a great way to avoid the most common flu strains, and many people swear by them. Others believe that …

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Flu Shots And Ebola: Guess Which One Americans Should Be More Concerned About?

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, there’s something you should be more terrified of than a certain other virus that you keep hearing about on the news. This year tens of thousands of Americans will die from a largely preventable illness, but it WON’T be Ebola. Instead, they will die from the flu or complications associated with having …

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Flu Shots Are Now Available, But Why Aren’t Americans Interested?

Yesterday marked the first official day of the Fall season. What you may not know is that something else significant began this week: Flu shots. That’s right, it’s the time of year when you roll up your sleeve and get that crucial shot meant to immunize you from nasty influenza. Despite the fact that flu shots are readily available at …

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Flu Shots: The Time To Get One Is NOW

As dropping temperatures and crazy weather stories increase, we must face the reality that winter weather is coming. While you may be preparing or have already prepared for the bad weather to come, you have let your guard down about more personal preparations. It’s getting close to flu season as well. Do you know when you and your family will …

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Flu Running Rampant; Blamed For Multiple Deaths

The flu virus is causing widespread panic again this year, with the largest outbreak since the H1N1 “swine flu” pandemic that swept through the U.S. in 2009. Several deaths have already been reported nationwide this season, with 4 dead in Michigan and 5 fatalities already reported in California since October 1. The H1N1 strain has been one of the most …

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