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Colorado River Flows Into Mexico Again Due To Minute 319

American and Mexican scientists teamed up to create an engineered spring flood to allow the Colorado River to flow into Mexico again for the first time in six decades. The Colorado River is the main river of the Southwestern United …

Home Insurance: The Hartford Extends AARP Program Home Insurance: The Hartford Extends AARP Program

In a press-release earlier today, The Hartford announced plans to extend its agreement with AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) to offer home and auto insurance to its memebers for 3 more years: “For many years, The Hartford …

Colorado Helicopters: Rescue Operations Back On

The death toll continues to rise as the dangerous flood makes its way through Colorado. Helicopters were sent in to help the victims of the flood, but have since been grounded due to the heavy rain and clouds in the …

Mexico Storm: Tropical Storm and Hurricane Threaten

Mexico is currently having to deal with two different natural disasters at the same time. Tropical Storm Manuel edged onto Mexico’s Pacific coast earlier today, as Hurricane Ingrid continued to swirl offshore on the other side of the country. Heavy …

Japan Typhoon Man-Yi Surfaces, Endangering Fukushima
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Typhoon Man-Yi has hit southern Japan causing fears that the Fukushima nuclear plant may be impacted. Man-Yi is the 18th typhoon this season, bringing heavy rains and officials are warning citizens in different parts of the country of flooding and …

Six Flags Flooded in Atlanta – Videos on YouTube
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Have you ever seen what a flooded amusement park looks like? It’s quite a sight, and the web is getting a look as news of Atlanta, Georgia’s Six Flags park being under water buzzes around the web.

Videos have been posted to YouTube, Tweets are rolling in, and "six flags under water" is currently number one on Google’s Hot Trends list. Here’s a clip: