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Flickr Will Now Post to Your Facebook Feed
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Yahoo has been integrating Facebook into its properties more deeply, and Flickr is no exception. The company announced that it is launching a new and improved way to share Flickr photos on Facebook.

Users can simply connect their Flickr and Facebook accounts, and Flickr will automatically send updates to your Facebook feed every time a new photo (or video) is uploaded).

Facebook Photo Tagging Goes Web-wide
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Face.com, the developers of the facial recognition technology behind Facebook apps like Photo Tagger and Photo Finder announced that it is opening up its API, which will allow developers to take advantage of this technology anywhere on the web. We had a chat with Face.com founder Gil Hirsch, who talked about the technology, the API, Facebook’s Open Graph, and what kind of apps we can expect to see around this API.

Flickr Partners With Snapfish To Offer Better Printing Options

Flickr, the Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site so many people love, announced an important deal today as it named HP’s Snapfish its preferred photo printing and gift creation partner.  Thanks to the arrangement, printing pictures is about to become a lot easier for some folks, and for others, this will even be the first time a certain printing option has been available at all.

Flickr Delves Into People-Tagging

Let’s admit it: Flickr, which should have beaten Facebook to the punch, fell way behind in terms of letting its users tag people in their photos.  However, Yahoo’s photo-sharing site has now caught up, and in a couple of respects, outdone what many regard as its chief rival.

Flickr Receives Four Billionth Photo Upload
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Yahoo-owned Flickr announced that its 4 billionth photo was uploaded over the weekend. It was uploaded by a user that goes by the name of "punimoe."

Safety Commission Joins YouTube And Twitter

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is fully embracing social media with its launch of "CPSC 2.0"

The goal of the social networking initiative is to provide consumers with additional resources about product safety information and recalls.

"Through social media, CPSC can directly reach millions of the moms, dads and others who need our safety information the most," said CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum.

Flickr Added To The iPhone App Store
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Yahoo has released three new mobile applications for the iPhone and the BlackBerry.

Flickr for mobile has launched as iPhone app allowing users to upload, share and tag photos and videos while staying connected to the Flickr community. iPhone users can down the app via the iTunes App store.

Flickr Refines Search Results Pages

There is a lot of redesigning of Yahoo properties going on these days. Earlier today, some big changes were announced for delicious. The Yahoo homepage was recently redone of course. Now Flickr has redesigned its search results page. The company says the new design makes it easier to browse through the billions of photos and videos on the site, and to connect to the communities that can help make sense of them.

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Flickr Just Now Allowing Connectivity With Twitter

VentureBeat reports that Flickr is finally enabling its users to tweet their photos on the service.

What took them so long? Flickr now has a built-in feature that lets members tweet their photos. “You can upload directly to Flickr and Twitter simultaneously, or tweet a photo already on Flickr, using a special short Flic.kr URL,” says the company’s FAQ. It also explains how to post photos from your phone, and how to tweet from Flickr.

Flickr Takes A Shine To Twitter
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It may have taken the Yahoo property a little while, but Flickr’s now fully embracing Twitter.  Today, a "Flickr 2 Twitter" feature launched, and Flickr also committed itself to keeping and updating a Twitter account.

Let’s start with the Flickr 2 Twitter development.  As a Flickr representative explained in an email to WebProNews, Flickr 2 Twitter is "a new way for Flickr members to easily post images to Twitter."

Real-Time Search Engine Collecta Launches
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Collecta, a new search engine, launched today with a unique twist… they’re one of the first real-time search engines.

Searching with Collecta, you get real-time results from blogs, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, social sites and various news outlets.

Collecta - Real Time Search

The Art Of Making Yourself Look Better Online

There is no hotel on Santorini that doesn’t look amazing in the photos on their website. They all show rooms with white washed walls and clear blue exteriors. Glasses of wine on tables overlooking amazing sunsets. Beauty products are the same online, promising supermodel style complexions with no wrinkles in sight. Flickr is full of photos that are "tweaked" in some way to slightly increase their beauty, and the tricks that used to be only in the realm of tabloid photo editors are now available to us all.

Yahoo Launches Creative Commons Image Search
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Yahoo Image Search has introduced a new feature that allows users to filter search results by Creative Commons license.

The Yahoo Search Blog offers more details. "When you use Yahoo! Image Search, you’ll now see a checkbox for Creative Commons allowing you to filter for images from Flickr that can be used commercially or that can be modified (remixed, tweaked, or built upon) with restrictions set by the image’s creator."

Library Of Congress’s Depression Photos Debut On Flickr
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History buffs may want to rethink their plans for the three-day weekend, and even people with only a slight interest in the subject should get ready to make a few mouse clicks.  The Library of Congress and Flickr have teamed up to introduce folks to a huge collection of photos, with most of the images dating back to between 1935 and 1943.

Flickr Is Target Of Yahoo’s Latest Layoffs

 While it is no surprise that Yahoo started announcing the layoffs of between 600-700 people this week (the

Flickr Staff Falling Apart
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As you may know, Yahoo has cut over 600 jobs. The company’s popular photo sharing service Flickr looks to be among the Yahoo properties directly affected by this.

Using Social Media For Your Small Business
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Social media is being used by small businesses to help build their brand and attract loyal customers while on a modest budget. The SES session "Small Voices, Big Impact: Social Media for the Little Guy" focused on ways smaller companies can improve business and increase sales.

Stay tuned to WebProNews and the WebProNews Video Blog for continued coverage of the Search Engine Strategies New York event.

Gmail Messages Get Richer
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It appears that they never sleep at Gmail. After the most recent improvement in conversation-saving with the service, they have now added the ability to preview YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, and Yelp content with a new Gmail Labs experiment.

Flickr Opens Up Video To All Users
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Flickr has announced it is extending the ability to upload video to all of its users, previously only Pro members could add video clips.

The videos can be up to 90 seconds long and free members can upload two videos per month, in addition to their 100MB monthly photo upload limit.

Getty Images Now Offering Flickr Pics

Flickr and Getty Images announced a partnership last summer to make licensing Flickr images easy. Now, they have launched the site where users can do just that. They’re referring to it as simply the Flickr Collection.

The collection contains handpicked images with "an originality and authenticity rare in stock photos" in the site’s words. The images come in both rights-managed and royalty-free options.

Library Of Congress Pleased With Flickr Experiment

Although this fact isn’t likely to earn Yahoo a government bailout, it seems that Flickr can count the Library of Congress among its fans.  An experiment the Library was conducting has turned out far better than anyone expected.