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Romney’s Binders Full of Women Remark Gives Birth to Crappy Flash Game
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this election is weird, and it’s being made weird by the internet. And I’m not saying this is a bad thing – at all. All I’m saying is that it’s hard …

Opening Ceremony London 2012 Google Doodle: QWOP Is The Real Star

The Olympics have begun and people from all over the world will be watching. Google is here to celebrate with us and have created a Google Doodle to show their support for the event. Funny enough, the Google Doodle contains …

QWOP Creator Encourages Self-Publishing Of Flash Games At GDC 2012
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Flash games were the progenitors of the indie movement that has now expanded beyond its simple roots into something that rivals the major titles. The Flash game is not down and out though and many people are still making a …