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Twitter Fiction Festival Selects Participants, Starts Tomorrow

Twitter has just announced its official selections for the first ever Twitter Fiction Festival, the social media site’s foray into the world of experimental fiction. Earlier this month, they selected a panel of judges to review submissions which included authors, editors, press marking directors, and educators. That panel has selected 29 different fiction projects that will be showcased from November …

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Twitter to Hold Its Own Fiction Festival, a “Virtual Storytelling Celebration”

Twitter has changed a lot of things when it comes to how the world receives information. It’s most definitely turned journalism on its head by making everyone an amateur reporter, and it’s also affected the way people communicate in real life – 140 characters is a hard constraint to shake off. But fiction? Could Twitter become a place for great …

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Rome Sweet Rome, A Story From A Reddit Thread, To Become Feature Film

Who said internet comment threads are a waste of time? Apparently, if you’re creative enough, your musings can become the basis for a major motion picture. Warner Bros. has purchased the rights to “Rome Sweet Rome,” a story about U.S. Marines fighting in the time of ancient Rome. The concept was developed from a series of comments pulled from the …

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