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Alan Alda Issues Latest Scientific ‘Flame Challenge’ — What is Sound?

Alan Alda is back at it, challenging the scientific community to answer what some would say are simple questions. But, are they? The 79-year-old actor has been challenging scientists to answer questions that would satisfy an 11-year-old child since 2011. This year, Alan Alda is asking the question: What is sound? Known as the “Flame Challenge” contest, which offers a …

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Alan Alda Challenges Scientists to Answer a Question So an 11-Year-Old Can Understand: ‘What is Sleep?’

Alan Alda is asking a question of scientists and although, on the surface, it seems easy enough, he is asking them to answer in such a way that an 11-year-old can comprehend the answer. The question? “What is sleep?” The M*A*S*H actor, who is a visiting professor in the school of journalism at Stony Brook University, in New York, has …

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Alan Alda Announces Winner Of ‘Flame Challenge’

“What is color?” In December 2013 as part of his annual Flame Challenge, Alan Alda, the actor-turned-science-advocate, asked scientists to come up with an answer to that question in a way that an 11-year-old could understand. According to, on Sunday, June 1, Alda announced the winners of the challenge at the World Science Festival, at an event which took …

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