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Did The 4.45 Firmware Update Brick Your PS3? A Fix Is Coming Next Week

A “small number” of PS3 gamers were in for a nasty surprise Tuesday night after downloading the latest 4.45 firmware update. They found that the update essentially bricked their console. Sony soon pulled it and said that an investigation was underway. Sony announced via its forums that it has completed its investigation, and there’s good news. The engineers at Sony …

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Android Malware Being Spread By Text Messages

Android is pretty great, but we all have to admit – the operating system is pretty vulnerable to malware. One of the latest and particularly nasty attempts at infecting users was through a seemingly legitimate copy of Angry Birds Space. This latest attack is even more legitimate. The security experts over at NQ Mobile have noticed a new Android malware …

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Playstation Vita Firmware Update v1.67 Is Live

6 days after we got firmware update v1.66, which was 1 day after v1.65, we get firmware v1.67. The update was a surprise to people who originally went to the Playstation Store to download the fist free-to-play game called Montezuma Blitz. The update is prompted as soon as you turn on your Vita and is the same size as the …

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