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Find My iPhone Saves Crash Victim’s Life

The “Find My iPhone” feature built into Apple devices is very handy for locating misplaced phones and iPads. It can be used to find the device by GPS, to send an audible tone to the device even if it is on silent, and even to erase the device remotely if it has been stolen. All you need to do is …

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McKayla Maroney: Stolen Nude Photos Were Taken When She Was a Minor

Hacked nude photos of Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney were taken when she was a minor, according to TMZ. Several porn sites reposted the photos of the now 18-year-old gymnast after her photos were initially posted on chan4 by the anonymous hackers. TMZ reports that an attorney representing Maroney sent a letter to Porn.com demanding the site remove the photos immediately …

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Americans Lost $30 Billion In Cell Phones Last Year

You read it right, Americans lost enough cell phones in 2011 to account for $30 billion. That’s outrageous and if you’ve ever lost your phone you know it is a completely aggravating experience. I’ll tell you, I lost my phone once. No clue where it went, but I was really upset. First I wanted to call my friends and bitch …

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Police Break Down Wrong Door Hunting iPhone

A recent burglary victim near Sherwood, Nottingham attempted to track his stolen iPhone with Apple’s Find My iPhone app on his iPad, only to have police bust into the wrong apartment. Maybe Robin Hood took it. According to The Telegraph, after the owner of the stolen phone tracked it via GPS, police were sent to the wrong vacant apartment, leaving …

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