Uber Could Soon Be Valued at $40 Billion

Uber Could Soon Be Valued at $40 Billion

By Josh Wolford November 26, 2014

Uber could be valued at a staggering $35 to $40 billion after a new round of funding, according to a report. “T. Rowe Price Group Inc. is in discussions to be a new investor, said the people, who asked not …

JPMorgan Pays Additional $389 to Customers JPMorgan Pays Additional $389 to Customers

JPMorgan Chase & Co. have had coarse week that has cost them well over $1 billion in fines and refunds. Only hours following the announcement of admission in the London Whale trade devastation, which cost the bank $920 million in …

Timken Split Into Two Publicly Traded Companies Timken Split Into Two Publicly Traded Companies

On September 5, 2013, the Timken Company officially announced that they would be splitting their company into two separate entities. After the announcement, Timken stock rose 6.2% during after-market trading. Timken manufactures steel, bearings and power transmissions. The company split …

Facebook Stock Hits All-Time Low At Just Under $20 Facebook Stock Hits All-Time Low At Just Under $20
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After closing yesterday at $20.88 a share, Facebook stock made history today. For the first time since the company went public back in May, the price of a Facebook share dipped below $20. Earlier this afternoon, the price hit $19.82, …

Treasury Dept. App Contest Taps Facebook, Googlers Treasury Dept. App Contest Taps Facebook, Googlers
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The U.S. Department of Treasury is sponsoring a mobile app contest, all in the hopes that some citizen ideas will “allow consumers to search for and access financial products on demand, manage their finances, and set and stick to financial …

Wolfram Finance Platform Officially Launched Wolfram Finance Platform Officially Launched

Wolfram Research has just released a computational finance tool it calls the Wolfram Finance Platform. The platform will bring the computational power of Wolfram’s Mathematica software and apply it to finance to deliver greater computational integrity, automated workflows, faster speeds, …

Audio Tech Company Audience Files For $75 Million IPO Audio Tech Company Audience Files For $75 Million IPO

Audience, the self described “leading provider of intelligent voice and audio solutions that improve voice quality and the user experience in mobile devices,” has filed its S-1 to raise $75 million in its IPO. Audience is backed by Microsoft cofounder …

What Not to Do When Creating Mobile Apps

Businesses seem to struggle with building mobile applications. Sometimes it seems they rush to get a mobile product up, and other times, they seem to use exactly what they have, which doesn’t usually work on mobile devices.

Google Buys UK Finance Site BeatThatQuote.com

Google has purchased UK price comparison site for financial products BeatThatQuote.com for £37.7 million ($61.3 million). News of the deal was confirmed by BeatThat.Quote.com managing director John Paleomylites on the company’s website. “Our team is excited about becoming a part …

Yahoo Launches Finance App For The iPad
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 Yahoo has introduced a finance app for the iPad called MarketDash.

 MarketDash allows iPad users to manage views of stock charts, scroll across hours, days or months of market activity; plot points in time; and compare multiple stock tickers in one chart.



Yahoo Adds New Features To Its Finance And Sports Pages
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Yahoo has introduced some new features to its finance and sports search homepages.

When users enter tickers or company names in the search box on Yahoo Finance they will see a new “Related Tickers” module to the left of their search results for select queries. The Related Tickers feature displays up to 10 related tickers. In addition, the Yahoo Finance Search homepage now offers access to finance-specific Trending Now Terms.


Google Updates Its Finance For Smartphones Site

Google said today it has made a number of improvements to its finance for smartphones site it launched in August.

Google Finance for smartphones users can now view mutual funds’ prices, and stats by entering the ticker into the search box.

Smartphone users can can also view wider stock charts by turning their phone on its side for a landscape view.


Carl Icahn Cuts Yahoo Stake By 80 Percent

For better or for worse, it looks like Carl Icahn has cut some ties to Yahoo.  The activist investor, who once bought a great many shares as part of an effort to force out Jerry Yang and Yahoo’s board of directors, reduced his stake by about 80.2 percent during the last six months.

YouTube Financial Woes Aren’t As Bad As First Indicated

Back in April, Credit Suisse issued a report stating that YouTube stood to lose $470M this year. But now it looks like the financial services company was overly pessimistic (and, really, they’re probably just used to that, with the economy the way it is). New estimates from research company RampRate puts the losses for the most popular video website in the world far more conservatively:

Financial Forecasts For Mobile Music
Despite the global recession, revenues from streamed mobile music services and full-track downloads are expected to exhibit strong growth over the next 5 years, according to a new report froCell - Marleym Juniper Research.

Google Finance Gets Text Ads
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Google has released details of its recent trials with new ads on some of its properties.

Users in the U.S. may have noticed new text and image ads Google is experimenting with on the results page of its Image Search.

Google has also introduced "Sponsored Videos" on YouTube that the company says is "a great example of matching ads to content."

Google Finance adds real-time NYSE quotes

Google closely followed its debut of real-time NASDAQ quotes on its Finance site with real-time information from the Big Board itself.