Twitter Finally Takes a Proactive Step to Fight Abuse – but It’s Limited in Scope for Now

Twitter Finally Takes a Proactive Step to Fight Abuse – but It’s Limited in Scope for Now

By Josh Wolford March 24, 2015

Twitter is taking the first real proactive step to combat abusive content on the site. Anil Dash noticed a new feature when he logged into Twitter on Monday called “quality filtering.” It looks like Twitter is finally attempting to filter …

The Danger of Aggressive Ad Placement
When I did a recent Q&A thread one of the recurring themes with sites that were struggling was AdSense ads positioned above their content.

Many websites are never given the chance to grow because they monetize too aggressively and look to spammy to enjoy the benefits of organic growth and community building.

YouTube: Broadcast Your Porn

You may have noticed a newer feature on YouTube, right at the top of the homepage, called "Videos being watched right now…." If you were checking out that feature around 11:00 this morning, you would have noticed people were watching porn.

Viacom Responds To Better YouTube Filtering

The rift between Viacom and Google/YouTube could be resolved with Google’s release of its beta version of the YouTube Video Identification tool.

The Pirate Bay Introduces New Image Hosting Site
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They’ve misattributed a quote and shown a disregard for law and order – but then, what did you expect of pirates?  The key thing is that a new, censorship-free image hosting site has launched, courtesy of the lads at The Pirate Bay.

YouTube Clarifies Copyright Protection Efforts
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YouTube cofounder Steve Chen addressed the "speculation" in the media about the video-sharing site’s technological efforts to combat copyright infringement.

Flickr Installs Filters In Germany
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Earlier this week, we learned that Flickr had started supporting seven new languages.  Unfortunately, news has now come that Flickr is “filtering” – not censoring, mind you – content in several of those tongues.

Flickr Says No To German Photos
Flickr Says No To German Photos
Amnesty Int’l Warns Of Web Censorship “Virus”

It may not be fatal, but it’s a pretty bad disease nonetheless; according to Amnesty International, “The virus of Internet repression is spreading.”

Gmail’s Normal Spam Filtering Returns

After an extended period of time during which I simply couldn’t trust Gmail’s spam filter to Do The Right Thing, I’m happy to report that for the last few weeks it has been performing exceptionally well.

Flickr Featurs Foto Filtrs

If you’re afraid of seeing photos on the Flickr site that don’t quite match your personal tolerance for adult content, the image sharing site has a new filtering feature that you should enjoy. Photographers who see themselves as artists may not be as enthused.

Flickr Filtering

Yesterday Flickr introduced a new feature on their service called "Filtering." Filtering is a tool whereby users can designate their desired level of browsing (i.e. show me everything on Flickr un-filtered, or screen out material that has been tagged inappropriate by the user community). It also allows users the ability to designate in advance if they feel that things that they are uploading might be considered objectionable and allowing them to mark their images accordingly.

Microsoft Tells Hollywood To Avoid Filtering

The technology YouTube has in mind to detect and filter content will be a bad deal for the studios, and Microsoft has quietly asked powerful Hollywood honchos to skip it in favor of another option.

Google To Outsource YouTube Filtering

Much has been made of YouTube’s inability to keep pirated content off of its servers, a sticking point that has made the popular video-sharing site a very large target for media companies, especially since its highly publicized acquisition by Google in October of last year.

Did Gmail’s Spam Filtering Freak Out Recently?

While I’ve been a big fan of Gmail for a long time now (especially the spam filtering), earlier this week things really got bad.

Improving eCommerce Product Findability

On both ecommerce and shopping comparison sites, users can find products in two different ways: searching and browsing.

Google Beta-Testing Keyword-based Ad Filtering

About a week and a half ago, I wrote a post ‘Adsense Should Allow Contextual Ad Filtering by Keyword’.

Adsense Should Allow Filtering by Keyword

EGOL recently made a post on the SEOmoz blog about one of the major shortcomings of Adsense: the lack of a feature to set negative keywords for the contextual ad matching.