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Google News Now Gives Personalized Suggestions

Google News has had personalization feature for a long time now, but a new feature actually suggests stories for users based on their interests. Google’s Krishna Bharat announced the feature in a post on Google+ (via Search Engine Land): Google News now has a “Suggested for you” section with stories likely to match your interests. See my section today. The …

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What Personalization, Privacy And Competition Mean For Google’s Future

As previously reported, Google has expanded its field trial for Gmail results on web search results pages. Now, it includes Google Drive and Google Content (though you have to actually sign up for the new field trial to get these features). While these aren’t yet features that are available to all users, they are the latest sign of Google’s move …

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DuckDuckGo Thinks You Don’t Want Personalized Search Results

DuckDuckGo is following Bing’s lead with a new ad telling you why its results are better than Google’s. Unlike Bing’s “Bing It On” campaign, however, DuckDuckGo isn’t pushing a blind taste test of side-by-side search results. They’re simply telling you that you’re getting different results than everybody else because of the “filter bubble,” and that you could be missing out …

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Gooey Search: Kickstarter Project Claims To Be Google On Steroids (With Privacy)

There’s an interesting Kickstarter project called Gooey Search, which bills itself as “Google on Steroids with Privacy”. It was developed by a small software company called Visual Purple. The tool comes in the form of an iPad app, as well as a Firefox add-on. I would assume it would be expanded to other platforms, should it reach its funding goal. …

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Yahoo C.O.R.E. Aims To Personalize The Reader Experience In Pandora Fashion

Yahoo has a new page you can go to and see how many people are on the Yahoo homepage at any given time, as well as the most viewed stories by gender, age group, interest and city (for select cities). “More than 13 million personalized story combinations are delivered every single day on the Yahoo.com Today module, and it happens …

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Google “Search, Plus Your World” Makes Google More Personal Than Ever

Google just announced some new elements it is bringing to Google Search: personal results, profiles in search, and people and pages. They’re billing the changes collectively as “Search, Plus Your World”. Should Google be getting more personalized? Let us know what you think. Now, Google has been doing personalized search to some extent for quite a while. Likewise, profiles have …

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