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Vegas Bird Death May Bar Young Man From Practicing Law

A bird death in Las Vegas back in 2012 had a lot of people up in arms over animal cruelty. Now the main individual responsible has finally been sentenced. Justin Alexander Teixeira, a 25-year-old Berkeley law student, was sentenced to up to four years of probation and community service at an animal shelter for killing an exotic helmeted guineafowl in …

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Lil’ Za (Justin Bieber’s Pal) Gets Charged With Drug Possession

Justin Bieber’s pal Lil’ Za was charged on Friday with three felony crimes, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. The charges come two weeks after Beiber’s Calabasas mansion was raided by police. Police claim they raided the house after receiving a call that Bieber and his friends pelted his neighbor’s home with eggs. The 20-year-old Lil’ Za, …

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Cops Find Disgusting Cat Torture Dungeon In Texas

(Warning: This article contains descriptions of animal cruelty) In Santa Fe, Texas, a narcotics investigation that ended Friday had police finding more than what they were looking for; sub-human treatment by “humans” to animals. On Friday afternoon in the 4000 block of Avenue N1/2 in Santa Fe, police executed a warrant and raided the house of 39-year old Brian Anthony …

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Gucci Mane Indicted: Rapper Could Get 20 Years For Gun Possession

Rapper Gucci Mane has been indicted by a federal court on charges of possessing a firearm. ABC reports that the rapper possessed guns on two different occasions in September and threatened a police officer according to U.S. attorney’s office in Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta. The rapper whose real name is Radric Davis, was indicted on November 19 by a …

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Commerce Department Recommends Congress Bring Back A Part Of SOPA

I think we can all agree that SOPA was no good. The legislation would have done extensive damage to the Internet and free speech all in the name of stopping piracy. One of the more troubling parts of the legislation would have criminalized “unauthorized streaming.” It’s a good thing SOPA was killed off, right? SOPA may be dead, but the …

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Russell Brand to Fight Felony Charges

We first reported that Russell Brand was taken in on two misdemeanor charges in connection with an incident in which Brand threw a paparazzo’s iPhone through a window. TMZ is now reporting Brand has been charged with a felony. In Louisiana, damage to property in excess of $500 dollars is considered a felony. Police are saying the damage caused by …

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