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Rental Cars Overcharging: How To Counter Toll Trolls

Are rental cars going to play a part in your cross country meanderings this summer? Indeed, having your own transportation beats building a holiday itinerary around bus schedules and taxi cabs. However, because of e-toll fees, many renters are coming …

Bank of America Considers Charging Fees For Checking Account, The 99% Flips Out Bank of America Considers Charging Fees For Checking Account, The 99% Flips Out

On the tails of the Bank of America/Fannie Mae feud, news comes out that Bank of America BAC (NYSE) is working on sweeping changes that would require many users of basic checking accounts to pay a monthly fee unless they …

FCC Writes Letter To Google Over Early Mobile Termination Fees

The Federal Communications Commission recently began an inquiry into exorbitant early termination fees in mobile phone carriers’ contracts. The investigation began when Verizon raised its early termination fee to $350 (from $175) for smartphones.

AP Wants More Money From Those Using Their Resources

The Associated Press is angry at bloggers and the rest of the Internet for that ap-logomatter. It appears as if the AP is so enamored with their ability to come up with completely original material 24/7 that keeps the Internet news machine going that they think we should all pay for the privilege to read it and spread the word.

eBay Sellers Make Statement, Site Not Listening
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eBay disputed third-party claims about falling listings during a week-long protest by sellers opposed to fee increases imposed by the online marketplace.

eBay Announces Major Changes

"Significant," "sweeping," "fundamental" – these are the words eBay used to describe some coming changes.  And although we often ridicule press releases for blowing things out of proportion, eBay has been more accurate than usual.

eBay Expected To Lower Some Fees

Companies are always looking for an edge, and given the economy’s current state, most are looking for a major boost.  So it appears likely that eBay will change its fee structure in an attempt to win over sellers.