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Verizon may have knocked out Google spectrum bid

Through several side bids for pieces of spectrum, Verizon may have outbid the top bid for the desired 700MHz C block auction and pushed it into a new scenario.

Spectrum Auction 73 Passes $4.6 Billion

In the parlance of online auctions, the reserve price has been met, in this case for a swath of 700MHz spectrum being freed up by TV broadcasters in 2009.

Google Executives Agree To Stay For 20 Years
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The top three executives at Google agreed in 2004 that they would work together for 20 years just before the company went public in August 2004.


FCC Auction Bidding Tops $11.5 Billion

The big prize, a slice of spectrum covering the US, has stalled at a bid of $4.29 billion, under the Federal Communication Commission’s reserve price of $4.6 billion.

FCC Sends YouTubers Searching For Butt Scene
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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) thought long and hard about whether Charlotte Ross’s buttocks were both shocking and titillating. Five years later, they’ve decided they were indeed, and are fining 52 ABC stations $1.4 million.

Google, Wireless Firms Snipe Over White Spaces

T-Mobile and Sprint don’t want companies like Google, Microsoft, and other using the “white spaces” of unused spectrum for wireless service.

FCC Approves Google For Wireless Auction
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The 700MHz wireless spectrum auction on January 24th opens with 214 bidders chasing the big prize, with Google competing with an assortment of telecoms both big and small.

FCC Looking into Comcast

Back in November, we mentioned how Free Press and other groups wanted ISP/cable company Comcast brought before the FCC for the way the company imitated users on BitTorrent to terminate downloads. And now, the FCC will be looking into it—at least according to Chairman Kevin Martin, speaking at CES.

AT&T Concessions Prove Meaningless

Remember how after AT&T made Net Neutrality concessions to get their merger with BellSouth approved, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin was so quick to remind everybody that the FCC had no teeth to enforce that? Well, the lack of teeth is coming back to bite us.

Let’s review. At the end of 2006, Martin had this to say about making sure AT&T followed it’s own commitment to maintaining a neutral network:

FCC At Center Of Net, Media Controversy

Net neutrality concepts, and media ownership rules, have the Federal Communications Commission and its chairman, Kevin Martin, at the epicenter of how people will get the content they want.

FCC To Investigate Comcast, Verizon

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin says the regulatory agency will investigate allegations that Comcast interferes with p2p Internet traffic. He also said Verizon Wireless would be under the microscope after complaints the company blocked text messages from an abortion rights group.

A privacy quote, guess the date

This is a quote from a chairman of the Federal Communications Commission regarding privacy and computers. It goes back a few years. Read on to see how many.

Coupons Available For Digital TV Switch
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The government is now offering $40 coupons that people can use to apply towards the cost of a converter box that will allow analog TV to work when the switch to digital television takes place next year.

The Web’s Most, Biggest, Best, and Worst of 2007
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2007 was a frenzied year for all things digital, and could be marked as when the revolution really began to take hold. Social media took center stage, impacting everything from politics to major corporate maneuvers to raising awareness of social causes.

There were lawsuits, mysteries, legal abuses, policy shifts, embarrassments, scandals, oppressions, miscalculations, bubble discussions, and significant innovations. All and all, 2007 was a big year for anybody with a stake on the Net.

So, without further ado, we present the Most, the Biggest, the Best, and the Worst of 2007.

Analog Cell Phone Network To Shut Down

In 2008 mobile carriers will begin shutting down the analog cell phone network.

Starting February 19, 2008, cell phone carriers, including AT&T, Alltel and Verizon Wireless, will be turning off their analog networks.  Other mobile carriers including Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile do not have analog networks and their customers will not be affected.

Google Will Bid On Spectrum

Google will bid in the upcoming 700MHz wireless spectrum auction, the company announced this morning. Run by the Federal Communications Commission, the auction is scheduled to begin on January 24, and could run until March.

Verizon Changes Heart, Opens Up
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Verizon reversed itself today by announcing the company will open its network to wireless devices, software, and applications not offered by the company. This comes just two months after the company sued the federal government to block openness requirements for the winner of the 700 MHz band of wireless spectrum.

Google Ready To Bid For Wireless, Maybe
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Lots of stories have swirled over the question of will they or won’t they bid in the FCC’s 700MHz wireless spectrum auction, but Google now looks like a lock to pony up some cash.

FCC Gets Monkey’s Paw From Telco Front Group

You might say it’s a sort of monkey’s paw that Hands Off the Internet, an AT&T-backed "grass roots" organization has called on the FCC to investigate Comcast for violating the four principles of Network Neutrality. On the surface, it looks like progress. But can it be trusted?

Over Half Want Web Content Regulated

The Federal Communications Commission spends part of its time deciding whether or not suggestive neologisms like "hamsterbating" are appropriate before 9 p.m. According to a recent poll, over half of Americans want similar precautions taken with Internet content.

FCC: ISPs Should Forward Emails Like Post Office

The Federal Communications Commission is looking into the issue of whether or not Internet service providers should be required to forward emails to customers who switch providers.