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How To Fax Documents Using Windows XP
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It would be awesome if we all had our own fax machine. We could fax our resume to that new employer to be reviewed right away.

Internet Fax Machines for the SOHO User

If you work in a small office/home office environment (often referred to as a “SOHO” environment) then you can appreciate “convergence” products that allow one device to do the work of many other devices.

The Facts About Fax
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In today’s age of rapid, mobile communications, it’s tempting to think fax has become a dinosaur – the lumbering T-Rex of the communications industry – while quicker, more flexible creatures, like e-mail, SMS and instant message, take the 21st century as their own. This is, however, a mistake.

How To Stop Junk Faxes From Wasting Your Paper and Toner

Junk faxes waste the resources of every business. It is estimated that they cost businesses tens of millions of dollars a year in wasted paper, toner and fax machine maintenance. There is nothing more aggravating then coming into the office each morning to find a pile of junk faxes promotion everything from mortgage refinancing to septic tank solutions. I don’t even have a septic tank!

Faxing Without Paper Saves Time

E-mail has largely replaced the fax machine. But there are times when a fax machine is indispensable — such as when you must fax something that doesn’t exist in your computer.

A Linux Fax Server for a Windows Network

The firm I work for had a fax system integrated in the corporate e-mail platform, Microsoft Exchange, for sending and receiving. One day after a software upgrade, the system broke. We needed to find something with the equivalent functionality but with the following conditions: