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Twitter Replaces “Favorite” with “Like,” “Star” for Some Users Twitter Replaces “Favorite” with “Like,” “Star” for Some Users
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Would you rather “like” a tweet than “favorite” it? What about the word “star?” Does that sound better than “favorite?” You should start thinking about which one you prefer, because you may have to complain to Twitter in the future. …

Vote For Your Favorite Tweets Of 2008

I’m in an awards mood today, and it’s almost time to reflect on 2008 as we head barreling into 2009. The New York Times blogged about a company’s quest (great PR move by Sawhorse Media)  to find the best tweeters of the year. The awards are called the Shorty Awards, and it’s a hot topic on Twitter. Over 12,000 entries have come in already.