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Fark’s Drew Curtis In TED Talk: Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists (Patent Trolls) Fark’s Drew Curtis In TED Talk: Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists (Patent Trolls)
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TED has posted a new video with Fark Founder Drew Curtis, which Fark, of course has shared with its audience. He talks about how Fark was sued, along with Yahoo, Reddit, MSN, AOL, TechCrunch and others by Gooseberry Natural Resources. …

Fark.com Takes Humorous Approach To SOPA Blackout Fark.com Takes Humorous Approach To SOPA Blackout

While some of the clueless minions who populate Twitter try and figure out where their Wikipedia went, the rest of us who actually pay attention to trends that might fall outside of our interests have noticed that many popular websites …

Journalism Doesn’t Need Saving, Maybe Delivery Just Needs Tweaking

The state of the news industry continues to be brought up on a frequent basis. Is journalism dying? Should publications put up paywalls? Should they block search engines and news aggregators. These are all questions that continue to be brought up repeatedly.

Mets Won’t Be Rickrolled By Fark Audience

An online prank to write-in the Rick Astley song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ as a sing-along tune in Shea Stadium may be undone by the Mets.

Rep. Couch Feeling Heat from Ban on Anonymous Web Postings
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WebProNews previously reported how Kentucky State Representative, Tim Couch, proposed a bill that would not allow Kentuckians to comment anonymously on the Internet.

OMG, Fark To Trademark NSFW
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A trademark registration filed on behalf of Fark.com’s owner Drew Curtis generated plenty of attention when news of it hit social media sites.

BlinkList Closes Eyes For Over 20 Hours
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It’s nice to have a popular site, but if the popularity becomes overwhelming, the owner will (temporarily) be left without a site at all.  According to a new Royal Pingdom survey, that may be what happened to the people at BlinkList.

Experts Down on Marketing

Guy Kawasaki moderated a panel of some innovative web community founders at the CommunityNext Conference, and the video is fascinating. It’s not often I get a 1 hour video and watch it all the way through, but I’ve already watched this one twice.

A Little Blog Buzz Goes A Long Way For Artist

Nina Sachie Matsumoto, better known as “SpaceCoyote” on the Net, knows full well the power of Internet buzz. A Japanese manga-style rendering of “The Simpsons” traveled from social networks to office bulletin boards to the desk of Matt Groening himself, who just happens to be her hero, who just happens to be her newest boss.