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Black Widow Spider Found in Aldi Mart Grapes

Discount supermarket chain Aldi removed its entire stock of grapes from the shelves of its Milwaukee, Wisconsin, stores in early November, after a shopper found a black widow spider in a container. The red grapes in that incident were purchased from Aldi’s Wauwatosa, WI, branch, and other black widow sightings have been reported at grocery stores in Michigan, Missouri and …

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False Widow Spider Populations Increase

Black widows are one of the most common spiders that people fear. They get their name because they kill their mate after successfully breeding. There reputation for death makes them all the more strange and creepy to people, especially people who already have a fear of spiders. One of the things that makes black widow spiders so recognizable is their …

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Spiders Shut Down British School

A school in England has been shut down due to an infestation of “false widow” spiders, the most poisonous British arachnid. The spiders, which are equipped with venom that can cause swelling and fever, had been spotted around the campus of Dean Academy, prompting the school to close its doors on Wednesday. Experts were brought in to eradicate the spiders. …

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