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Here’s 18 Minutes of 2013’s Best YouTube Fails

2013 is a little more than halfway over, and that means that idiots have had over 6 months to fail, record themselves failing, and post their videos of themselves failing on YouTube. There’s simply nothing like watching people bust their asses for 18 minutes. Really. It’s a beautiful thing. Almost beautiful enough to make you forget that it’s the Monday …

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Woman Makes Fake Facebook Profile for Ex, Calls Him Wayne Syphilis, Gets Arrested

Here’s one way to get back at your ex – create a Facebook page in their name and make it seem like they totally love little boys and incest. Or, maybe you should just buy a bottle of wine and chill out. The latter won’t get you arrested. A 24-year-old Totowa, New Jersey woman has been arrested and charged with …

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Facebooked: The Top 10 Internet-Using Idiot Criminals of the Year

2012 was a banner year for idiotic criminals who idiotically use the internet to commit or propagate their idiotic crimes. From #YOLO to assassination tweets, and from stupid Facebook photos to botched Apple Store robberies – these are your top ten internet-related criminal fails of the year. Enjoy. 10. The Winter Classic Assaulter Occasionally, people forget that Facebook is a …

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