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Facebook Is Readying A PayPal-Like Payment Product For Mobile Shopping

Facebook has been wading through the shallow end of the payments pool for years, but if a test the company is readying is any indication, it could be getting ready to go head to head with the big boys (like PayPal). All Things D says it has confirmed that Facebook is indeed testing a new payments product that would allow …

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Facebook Updates Its Developer Payment Policy

Are you a new developer hoping to cash in on Facebook games? If so, Facebook has made some recent changes to its developer payment registration that you will need to be aware of. As part of its weekly Operation Developer Love update, Facebook says that it has updated its policy for developer payment registration. The social network says that any …

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Buy Stuff In Mobile Facebook Apps, Get Billed By Your Carrier

Back in February, Facebook and Bango announced a partnership, which would see Bango providing mobile payment services for Facebook. Today, Bango announced that its Facebook integration is now live. This appears to be an extension of the carrier billing feature Facebook revealed in June. Bango is providing Facebook with mobile web carrier billing in the US, the UK and Germany, …

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Would You Trust Facebook With Your Money In The Real World?

These days, brick and mortar businesses displaying some kind of signage saying “Like us on Facebook,” are nearly as common as those displaying Visa and MasterCard logos. That’s worth considering, when you think about using Faceabook as a way to pay for goods and services in the physical world. Of course, Facebook users have developed some trust issues with the …

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Facebook Lets Users Buy Their Way Onto News Feeds

As much as Facebook would love to still portray itself as a collection of care-free hackers working for its social network users, the company now has investors to answer to. Now that the company has gone public, it will have to report its quarterly earnings to shareholders, who will expect nothing but growth. Facebook is keenly aware of this, and …

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