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Facebook Lets Users Buy Their Way Onto News Feeds

As much as Facebook would love to still portray itself as a collection of care-free hackers working for its social network users, the company now has investors to answer to. Now that the company has gone public, it will have to report its quarterly earnings to shareholders, who will expect nothing but growth. Facebook is keenly aware of this, and …

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Facebook Sponsored Stories Double in Size

If you didn’t like Facebook’s sponsored stories you’re really going to hate this. Facebook has decided to double the size of brand pages sponsored stories in your News Feed. Now every time you see a brand that your friends like as a sponsored story at the top of your newsfeed, it will now contain a recent post from the page …

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Facebook Testing a New Sharing Notification Icon

It is hard to tell what will be shared to your Facebook wall these days. If you aren’t careful, you could end up leaving your entire web history on your Facebook page. It’s enough to make someone want to spend all of their non-Facebook browsing time in incognito mode. Brittany Darwell over at Inside Facebook has spotted a new symbol …

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Facebook Testing “Trending Articles” in User News Feeds

Mashable is reporting that Facebook has begun to test a “Trending Articles” feature in user news feeds. The feature inserts articles from Facebook social reader apps into a user’s news feed amongst status updates and likes. Social reader apps are developed and used by major media outlets such as The Washington Post and Vogue to promote stories on Facebook. There …

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Facebook Sponsored Stories: Unavoidable For Brands?

Facebook is going public soon. You already knew that I’m sure. You probably also know that Facebook makes most of its money from ads. Not all of it, but a very significant portion. If the company’s relationship with Zynga ever sours, it may have to rely on ad revenue even more. There is still plenty of room for Facebook to …

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