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Getting More Facebook Fans and Monetizing Them

It seems like Facebook is controlling more and more of users’ online time, and that doesn’t appear to be on pace to change anytime soon. Facebook is already on the path to controlling more content, online retail, and online identification, and who knows what all announcements we’ll see come out of the company’s F8 developer conference this week?

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Facebook E-Commerce: What Online Retailers Have Been Looking For?

Facebook has over 400 million active users. In the U.S. Facebook surpassed Google as the top site about a week and a half ago in terms of visits for a week. Consider that consumers are getting more comfortable with online shopping from their mobile device, and that social media (at least in significant part), is driving mobile usage.

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Facebook App Developers Face New Obstacles

Facebook has released a developer "roadmap," which it says will simplify communication for users and developers, improve app discovery and engagement, and provide developers with more comprehensive tools for building or expanding their business with Facebook.

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Controversial Facebook App Lets Users Become Members of Al-Qaeda

Just days after a controversial poll about killing the president ran on Facebook, and attracted an investigation from the secret service, an interesting press release has hit the wires. The release is about a new game, which comes in the form of a Facebook app, and will no doubt draw additional controversy.

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Over 50 Million Facebook Users Related to Somebody

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve almost certainly encountered the "We’re Related" app in one way or another. Whether or not you have actually participated in it, you have probably at least seen an invitation.

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Popular Facebook App (fluff)Friends Purchased by SGN

While some Facebook gaming apps are causing users to have their Facebook accounts revoked, others are making their owners some money.

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You Can’t Just Make New Friends on Facebook!

Facebook is not a social network. Who knew?

That’s what they have told their users anyway. TechCrunch shares an email that a user was sent when their account was deleted. In that email, Lauren of User Operations for Facebook says:

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You’re Not Safe Using Facebook Apps

In the name of finding any possible way that hackers can get at your data, a group of researchers has penetrated Facebook via a could-be-malicious application proving that Facebook Apps are unsafe. The app seems harmless enough. It’s a National Geographic "photo of the day" app that gives users (obviously) a different photo each day.

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The Internet Can Be A Distraction

Four weeks ago I had 5,250 emails in my inbox. Today? 10.

What’s the difference? I’ve been on lots of airplanes in the past month. Why is that important? Because in airplanes there’s no Internet. Nothing to distract you. I find I can answer about 10x more email in a plane than I can on the ground when the Internet is there to distract me.

That taught me an important lesson.

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Top Facebook Apps and US Penetration

comScore has just released a report containing a list of the top 10 Facebook Apps as well as the apps’ US penetration.

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