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Grounded F-35 Fleet Cleared to Fly

After an engine fire in June grounded the entire U.S. military fleet of Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets, Navy and Air Force officials have approved a limited flight clearance to run engine inspections and restricted flight drills. The cause of the fire is still not known, and the Pentagon, along with engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, has been trying to …

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F-35 Fighter Jets Grounded After Fire

The U.S. Department of Defense has grounded all of its F-35 fighter jets after one of them caught fire during take off at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. The advanced fighter was set to make its international debut during showings to prospective buyers at two air shows in the U.K. beginning next week. The cause of the fire is …

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F-35 Program: Stolen Secrets and Lockheed’s “Exaggeration”

An employee of one of Lockheed’s suppliers was arrested en route to Iran last week on suspicion of attempting to smuggle secret F-35 Joint Strike Fighter documents there. Back in November, the investigation initiated when customs officials and homeland security agents said they intercepted a shipment Mozaffar Khazaee was sending to Hamadan, Iran. The 59 year old engineer was said …

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F-35 Fighter Drops 1st Bomb Against A Ground Target

Reuters reported yesterday evening that Lockheed Martin’s stealthy new F-35B Joint Strike Fighter laid waste to a tank at Edwards Air Force Base in California using a 500-pound guided bomb. The Pentagon confirmed this was the first time an F-35 has deployed a weapon. The report says the plane fired its laser-guided bomb unit (GBU-12) “Paveway II” from an internal …

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F-35 Fighter Jet: Popularity Rising

The Lockheed Martin Corporation is bracing for an onslaught of potential international demands to purchase several dozen F-35 fighter jets. This Tuesday the South Korean government turned down an offer from Boeing Co to build sixty F-15 warplanes claiming that a more advanced aircraft was needed. While there is no definitive word on whether South Korea will eventually come to …

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First F-35 For The Netherlands Rolls Off The Line

The Joint Strike Fighter has had a rather tumultuous journey from the start. It was an undertaking by the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Israel, and Japan to make a stealthy aircraft that could perform a series of events to replace aging land and carrier based aircraft. The counties all had certain requirements that …

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