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StumbleUpon Ditches Explore Box In Toolbar, Pushes Users To Site

I pulled out the old trusty StumbleUpon toolbar this morning to use the Explore Box (the StumbleUpon version of search) to stumble through some topic which I’ve already forgotten, to find the Explore Box was not there. I asked a few others, and they weren’t seeing it either. Wondering what happened to this tool (and hoping that they were not …

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StumbleUpon: We Wanted To Go In This Direction All Along

Today, StumbleUpon unveiled a new feature that they call the “Explore Box.” Still technically in beta testing, the new feature allows users to search for specific topics to stumble, for example, Lady Gaga, William Faulkner, or Tequila. Until now, StumbleUpon allowed users to explore certain areas that most of the time remained relatively broad. Aside from the few specific “interest” …

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StumbleUpon Explore Box Makes Randomness More Specific

The merits of StumbleUpon are numerous – it’s a wonderful time-occupier and a great place to explore the far corners of the internet. Most of its appeal stems from the fact that it is a “discovery engine,” something related to but entirely different from a standard search engine. StumbleUpon’s new Explore Box, however, is putting a little more targeted search …

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