Your Twitter Timeline Clutter Isn’t Going Away

Your Twitter Timeline Clutter Isn’t Going Away

By Josh Wolford October 17, 2014

Your Twitter timeline has evolved, and those tweets from random users (that you don’t follow) are probably there to stay. In a post titled “The spirit of experimentation and the evolution of your home timeline”, Twitter’s Trevor O’Brien says that …

Space Life Weakens Immune Systems, Shows Study Space Life Weakens Immune Systems, Shows Study

A new study performed aboard the International Space Station (ISS) has shown that being in space weakens astronauts’ immune systems. Researchers hope the findings can help prevent disease for those of us still on the planet. European Space Agency (ESA) …

Is Google Building The Next Generation Of Wireless Networks? Is Google Building The Next Generation Of Wireless Networks?
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Whenever Google experiments in something, the results are oftentimes pretty awesome. Google Glass, self-driving cars and Google Fiber are all examples of something that started out as an experiment and are now some of the most exciting tech being developed …

NASA Looks For the Origin of Life at the Bottom of the Ocean NASA Looks For the Origin of Life at the Bottom of the Ocean

NASA this week revealed that it is simulating the conditions believed to have created the organic molecules that may have been the precursors to life on Earth. An experiment at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is mimicking the conditions observed …

The Path To Science Is Marked By Explosions The Path To Science Is Marked By Explosions

We all love explosions, right? I bet that love of explosions came from science. Building a vinegar/baking soda volcano was probably the coolest experience you ever had as a child. Unfortunately, the allure of such childish explosions wears off with …

Google Talks Next Steps for Fiber Network

Update: Google has posted some info regarding the next steps for its fiber network as the submission deadline approaches today. Product Manager James Kelly says:

Is The Economy Affecting Virtual Advertising Experiments?

As the news continues to pour in and the news media works hard to sell their wares (meaning the more terrible the news the more people pay attention) there are more victims to be counted in the carnage. This time the targets are the ‘darlings’ of the new world advertising and marketing including web video, mobile phones, gaming and virtual worlds.

Google Lets (Some) Users Adjust Search Results

If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I could give better search results than that,” here’s your chance: one of Google’s experiments is allowing users to vote sites up (or off) results pages.  They can also add completely new sites to the list.

Google Experiments: Search Views, Shortcuts…

Google has released a new experiments area where users can pilot some of the enhancements that the search giant is trialing. By signing up, you can give them a test drive and provide feedback to help shape their final release.

The experiments include alternative views for search results, keyboard shortcuts and new navigation options. All the experiments represent some interesting improvements to the current Google search experience.

CBS Experiments With Video Content

CBS is apparently really working to find something that will stick. Two weeks ago they were talking about social networking and making their content more portable.

Now they’re working on “EyeLab,” a studio dedicated to turning glossy 30- to 60-minute shows into bite-sized web clips. Even more revolutionary, CBS is also planning to involve users in not only watching video clips but making and uploading their own mashups of CBS clips.

Revver Users Receive Millionth Dollar

Revver’s out one million dollars, but believe it or not, that’s a good thing – the video-sharing site’s revenue-sharing system is just acting as it’s supposed to.  Creators and distributors have acquired a total of one million dollars in the normal course of events.

(Some) Google Experiments Open To All

Google’s never been shy about experimenting with its search engine – it seems like there’s always a new feature or two that only a select group of users can access.  But with the launch of Google Experimental Search, people can now opt into at least some of those tests; the search engine corporation has invited users to “[t]ake them for a spin, and let us know what you think.”

Pre-roll Ads Could Send YouTubers Running

YouTube is Google’s new big stick, but the used-to-be-a-search company better learn to walk softly or lose the droves of devoted viewers. A new poll from Harris Interactive shows that while nearly a third of YouTube users are sacrificing TV time for online video, almost three-quarters of them won’t take kindly to pre-roll advertisements.

‘Real’ Brand Engagement

“People want to engage with brands!”

Google Experiments With Result Removal

Google launched an experiment today allowing some Googlites to modify their personal search results so that certain sites are blocked from personal SERPs. Full adoption depends on whether or not users like it.

Google Experiments With Longer AdWord Descriptions

No one could ever accuse Google of letting their services become stagnant. The company, much like their competitors, is constantly looking for ways to improve their existing products. This MO even applies to their primary moneymaker: the Google advertising system, which consists of AdWords and AdSense.

Rough Week For Firefox Team

It probably hasn’t been a fun week over at the Firefox team: News.com: Coding misstep forces new Firefox release.