Over Half Of Emails Opened On Mobile Or Tablets

Over Half Of Emails Opened On Mobile Or Tablets

By Chris Crum January 28, 2015

Experian Marketing Services has released its 2014 Q3 Email Benchmark Report finding that both mobile device usage and email engagement increased and that 53% of emails were opened on a mobile or tablet device during the quarter. Here’s a look …

Google+ Is Getting A Lot Bigger In Brazil Google+ Is Getting A Lot Bigger In Brazil
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It wasn’t that long ago that Google ruled social media in Brazil with Orkut. Recently, Facebook overtook Orkut in the country, and dominated the landscape there like it does in most places. Don’t count Google out just yet, however. New …

Conflicting Report Shows Google Sinking, Yahoo! Rising Conflicting Report Shows Google Sinking, Yahoo! Rising

Earlier today, comScore numbers were leaked showing that both Google and Bing were rising slightly in market share at the combined expense of Yahoo! Now, Experian Marketing Services, a different digital information marketer, has released April search engine market share …

Google Plus Now Claims 100 Million Users Google Plus Now Claims 100 Million Users

In a letter released publicly last week, Google co-founder Larry Page laid some news on us all about the state of Google Plus. Far contrary to the doomsday expectations that we have countered here before, Page highlighted some unexpected good …

Experian Hitwise Launches AudienceView Experian Hitwise Launches AudienceView

Experian Hitwise, the online measurement service from Experian Marketing Services, has announced the launch of AudienceView, a new audience targeting service that provides retailers with a comprehensive view of demographic, psychographic, transactional and behavioral insights on their target consumers or …

Social Media Users Probably Not Doing Enough to Protect Their IDs
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A new study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Experian’s ProtectMyID.com found that people are doing little to protect their personal information on social networks, opening them up to increased vulnerability for ID theft. While about 80% of those surveyed expressed concern about security around social media, over half of them aren’t doing anything about it.

Emails With Coupons Achieve Higher Open Rates

The majority (80%) of emails sent with coupons received higher open rates and transaction rates than non-coupon campaigns, according to a new report from Experian Marketing Services.

Seventy percent of coupons-using households get their coupons from newspapers. However, the Internet is a growing coupon resource. Over the last three years, the number of households that get their coupons online has increased by 46 percent.

Online TV Ads Engage Consumers

Consumers are 44 percent more engaged in advertisements featured in television programs they watch online than they are with the ads they see on a TV set according to Simmons, an Experian company.

Simmons The study identifies engagement according to six factors that respondents associates with media. They are "inspirational," "trustworthy," "life enhancing," "social interaction," "personal timeout," and ad receptivity.

EU Challenges Google On Data Retention
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Two years may be too long to keep search information without some kind of justification, according to the European Union.

Hitwise Announces Hitwise Dashboards

Hitwise announces today their newest product: Hitwise Dashboards, “a new interactive report that enables marketers to review customized competitive intelligence information from a single page in the Hitwise interface.” These reports feature current information on marketers’ most important metrics.

Hitwise Sells For $240 Million

Experian has announced that it has purchased Hitwise for $240 million. With the purchase Experian hopes to offer their clients more value by leveraging the data Hitwise collects from Web sites and online consumers.

Hitwise was founded in 1998 and has over 1,200 clients in numerous areas such as financial services, media, travel and retail.

Experian Acquires Hitwise for $240 Million
All of those great charts that Hitwise so freely provide us, have paid off big time for the web intelligence company. Information services provider Experian has announced their cash purchase of Hitwise for $240 million.

Kids Do More Than Play Games Online
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For children ages 6-11 the most common online activity is playing games with 48 percent saying they had done so at least once in the last month according to new data from Experian Simmons. While that is not a major revelation what is surprising is that 21 percent said they had used the Internet to do homework and research.

Experian Credited With PriceGrabber Buy

Comparison shopping site PriceGrabber.com has been acquired by Experian and will be part of Experian’s existing initiatives in interactive marketing.