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Antarctic Glacier Creates Mammoth Iceberg

NASA scientists on their way to Antarctica have discovered a crack in the Pine Island Glacier. This is the first evidence NASA has seen of the crack but say it will inevitably become an enormous iceberg. The section reaches out 30 miles into the Amundsen Sea and interlocks with the continental bedrock below. The pressure of the surrounding water will …

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator Movie Teaser Trailer

From Borat to Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen has been know as a lewd and crude dude. His crazy antics in movies and his many characters and personas have gained him a wild reputation in Hollywood and around the world alike. With the release of the full “The Dictator” movie trailer, it seems Cohen is at his shenanigans once again.

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NASA GRAIL: Far Side Of The Moon

The GRAIL mission consists of two spacecraft, GRAIL-A and GRAIL-B, which have been placed into orbit around the Moon. As the two GRAILs circle the moon, changes in topography (mountains and valleys) will create fluctuations in gravitational pull resulting in slight movements to and away from each other. The change in velocity created by the movements will be measured and …

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NASA Discovers Alien Interstellar Material

Star Trek fans will be excited to know that a spacecraft 200,000 miles above the Earth has discovered some material outside of our solar system. NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) observed what scientists are calling interstellar material. What was actually discovered is alien particles of helium, oxygen, hydrogen, and neon. Assistant vice president of the Space Science and Engineering Division …

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Implant Allows Woman to Hear After 29 Years

Sarah Churman of Texas has been severely hearing deficient since the day she was born. She couldn’t hear anything except maybe a chainsaw buzzing close to her ears. After 29 years of lip reading she was presented with another option. Sloan Churman, her husband, heard a radio ad for the Esteem Inner Ear Stimulator by Envoy Medical. The Esteem is …

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Sunday Crash Leaves Ten Dead In Florida

Early Sunday morning visibly on the Interstate 75 outside Gainesville, Florida was reduced to zero due to a brushfire and already foggy conditions. The result was at least ten deaths and over 18 more hospitalized with various injuries. Around 4 a.m., drivers on the interstate were blinded by patches of fog and smoke. The result was pileups on both sides …

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ANA on ICANN’s Expansion of Top-Level Domains: “Reckless and Premature”

On January 12, ICANN began carrying out its controversial new plan. As WebProNews previously reported, the organization made the historical decision last year to expand the number of generic top-level domain (gTLD) names to an unlimited number. What this means is that the 22 domain name endings, including .com, .org, and others that currently exist could turn into .brand going forward.

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Aaron Wall Interview: Google Paid Link Story Wrap-Up

The topic of paid links is in the headlines once again, and ironically, Google is the accused. As WebProNews previously reported, Google was recently caught up in a controversy after it violated its own Webmaster Guidelines as part of a marketing campaign for Google Chrome.

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