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Groupon IPO Legitimizes the Daily Deals Marketplace

Groupon made big news this week, when it filed for its much-anticipated IPO. CEO Andrew Mason has expressed disdain for some of his competitors – the ones he considers to be clones. “I was a music major, and with music, we call that plagiarism. But in business it’s called competition,” he was quoted as saying at the D9 conference earlier …

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Most Women Annoyed By Facebook Friends

The majority (85%) of women on Facebook indicate they have been annoyed by their online friends, according to a new survey from daily deals site Eversave. Eversave surveyed more than 400 women on Facebook and found they have little tolerance for friends who use the site to brag or overshare. The top three annoying behaviors on Facebook include: *Complaining all …

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The Daily Deals Industry in 2011

The daily deals industry is an exciting space to watch right now, as evidenced by Google’s recent $6 Billion offer to buy Groupon, Amazon’s $175 million investment in LivingSoical, Facebook’s recent launch of Facebook Deals, and all of the other competitors looking for a pie

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