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Skype Thinks Twice The Price Is Nice

EBay’s Skype may be taking a page out of Microsoft’s playbook. The VoIP company released a new product yesterday that seems awfully familiar, at twice the price.

The beta version of Skype Prime, part of Skype 3.1 for Windows, a widget that allows Skype users to become online, on-call experts.

For example, if you’re a business consultant of some kind, you can set up a hotline for people to call you for advice and guidance in your area of expertise. Experts can charge per minute or per call.

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Skype-Per-Minute Widget Launches

Your time is valuable. Is it by-the-minute valuable? If you think so, Jyve and Click&Buy have developed a Skype-based plug-in called JyvePro to help you monetize your oh so powerful noggin.

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Ether Is Not For Phone Sex

Imagine you’re Phil Gordon, one of the top 5 poker players in the world and host of Bravo’s “Celebrity Poker Showdown.” How many Vegas-bound amateurs do you think are dying to pick your brain before laying their money down? Are they willing to pay for it? Ingenio is betting that they are as the company officially launches Ether, a service that enables the pricing and selling of your “intellectual capital” over the phone.

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Ether You Pay, Or You Dont Talk To Me

Let’s pretend we’re professionals here, people, and not say the first thing that comes to our minds. Ether, a new division of Ingenio, has set up a web service that lets you charge other people to talk to you on the phone. Don’t say it

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Ether to Open Up Services

Michael Arrington, over at TechCrunch, again launches another new company.

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