Gartner Urges CIOs To Address ‘Fast-Approaching’ Reality of Legacy ERP

Gartner Urges CIOs To Address ‘Fast-Approaching’ Reality of Legacy ERP

By Chris Crum February 5, 2014

Gartner predicts that by 2016, the impact of cloud computing and the emergence of postmodern ERP will mean “legacy status” for highly customized ERP systems, and urges CIOs to take action to address this “fast-approaching reality”. “The need for agility …

Open Source Software Closer to Commercial Enterprise Software

The odds are good that the LAMP stack is running somewhere inside your company.

ERP – A Rising Need of Enterprises

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a strategic tool helping an organization to gain and edge over its competitors by helping in successfully integrating its key business operations, synchronizing, planning and optimizing the resources available in the existing extremely competitive environment..

A Simplified ERP for IT Architecture
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Here is a simplified IT systems model.

Challenge of ERP Implementation Q & A
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Question: ERPs seem like a good idea, so why is return on investment so low?

ERP-SAP Implementation Risks

Inadequate “as is” documentation

Consider that you are the implementation Project Manager for a consulting firm and you have a client who has selected an ERP system.

End User Buy-In and How to Guarantee a Good Software Implementation

Failed Internet-based, software integrations and implementations aren’t new; incompatibilities between people, change resistance, new processes and technologies have always been a concern.

The Lessons of Software, Services, CRM and ERP

Applying the “P” to sales performance management and other new markets…

Philly Papers Tap SAP For ERP

Enterprise resource planning firm SAP picked up a deal with holding company Philadelphia Newspapers LLC to provide mySAP ERP for its print media companies.

Duet Hits Right Note For CRM, ERP Applications

Duet, the “groundbreaking collaboration between SAP and Microsoft,” is turning heads yet again.

ERP Top Tool In China Factories

Manufacturers surveyed by IDC’s Manufacturing Insights rated enterprise resource planning software highest among IT tools.

Microsoft Unveils New ERP, CRM Product

Microsoft has announced a new enterprise resource planning product, one that CEO Steve Ballmer thinks was both anticipated and unavoidable.

AppExchange Adds eBridge ERP Option

The Enterprise Resource Planning Integration Solution provided by eBridge Software joins the 250+ applications at Salesforce.com’s AppExchange site.

Oracle Appcasts

I talked about Oracle Podcasting in a previous post. They now have a more Applications oriented podcast available called Oracle Appcasts.

5 Minute Guide to ERP

Information technology has transformed the way we live and the way we do business. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is one of most widely implemented business software systems in a wide variety of industries and organizations.

Compiere ERP Selected For Software 2006

The highly selective Sand Hill Group has chosen Compiere as one of the twenty featured companies at its Software 2006 conference.

ERP Opening To Open Source

One well-known name and one relative newcomer have designs on the enterprise resource-planning world, and will use open source technology to take on the entrenched powers in the industry.