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Another Video Paints Google and Eric Schmidt as Creepy
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If you have a beef with Google’s actions, the trendy thing to do these days appears to be making a video about it, and using Eric Schmidt quotes and likenesses, making them as creepy as possible. 

The latest such video comes from FairSearch.org. This is an organization that refers to itself as, "a group of businesses united in support of a healthy Internet future, where greater consumer choice and economic growth are driven by competition, transparency and innovation in online search."

Google CEO And Obama Get Cracking On Economy
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Economists and Wall Street types sent two clear messages this week in one simple statement: President-elect Obama needs to get his financial team working on the present crisis ASAP. The underlying message there is, obviously: Bush’s team is asses over elbows on this, and we can’t wait until January 20.
Google CEO And Obama Get Cracking On Economy