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Nicki Minaj Demands Equality in Bed and in Business

Nicki Minaj said in “All Things Go,” from her album The Pinkprint: “Life is a movie There’ll never be a sequel And I’m good with that As long as seven years from now I’m takin’ my daughter to preschool” Nicki …

Demetrius Newton, Civil Rights Lawyer, Dies at 85

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” and thus has been a year marked with remembrance of the civil rights movement and assessment of where we stand today. While the United …

‘Equality’ Is Facebook’s Top Term Surrounding Same-Sex Marriage Debate ‘Equality’ Is Facebook’s Top Term Surrounding Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Yesterday you may have noticed that your Facebook news feed was very red, and that there were a bunch of equals signs everywhere. This was the result of the Supreme Court beginning to hear arguments on California’s Prop 8 same-sex …

Microsoft Supports Marriage Equality Microsoft Supports Marriage Equality

Microsoft is joining the fight for marriage equality. Yesterday, Microsoft posted a lengthy blog post on their support for marriage equality and the reasons they do. The company says that it prides itself on their products and services, but their …

Google Discusses Equality Following Lawsuit

Google may or may not be good with old people, but as news of an age discrimination lawsuit spreads, the search giant has made a new blog post to remind people about its other steps towards “corporate equality.”

Internet Radio Equality Act Loved By All
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Genuine cooperation between America’s two main political parties is rare, but when it occurs, something important is usually at stake.  Such is the case with the Internet Radio Equality Act, sponsored by Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat, and Senator Sam Brownback, a Republican.