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Family Feud Fail Worst In Game Show History?

If I catch an episode of Family Feud, I will typically watch and guess along to the end, and then pass on the “Fast Money” portion of the show most of the time. The reason is that it’s frustratingly predictable: …

Microsoft Surface Crashes Mid-Debut Microsoft Surface Crashes Mid-Debut
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It’s hard being Microsoft. Windows has had the stigma of software crashes associated with it for over nearly two decades now, and its blue screen of death has become iconic. The company has even tried to lighten up that blue …

New Words for New Times
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I’m not a fan of so-called “leet” (1337) speak; it seems to have spawned in a different universe than the one in which I was formed—a world where direct vs. indirect object drills were as commonplace as batting practice. That “w00t,” a “word” I couldn’t wrap my mind around three years ago, is now recognized by Webster is maddening.