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Perhaps Entrepreneurs Can Stay East After All

A little while I ago, I wrote an article on this blog titled

Ideal Networking Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur

These tips are ideas that I have used successfully and often recommend to other creative entrepreneurs.

The Journey Into Entrepreneurship

For most of us there comes a day when we toy with the idea of starting a small business; work stress and frustrated career goals can often leave us thirsting for autonomy and starting a small business seems to fit the bill.

Duncan Riley leaves B5 Media

I was just over at Robyn Tippins blog. She blogs for B5 Media and reports that Duncan Riley, vice president of development for B5 Media has left B5.

Top Web Entrepreneurs Paradox

“Trend following” is a strategy normally associated with trading. You won’t see it associated with Top Web Entrepreneurs. This is surprising.

Ten Entrepreneurial Mistakes

It’s hard to avoid certain mistakes, especially when you face a situation for the first time. In fact, many of the following mistakes are hard to avoid even if you’re an old hand.

Women Entrepreneurs – Get Up And Running

Yeesh. Women outpace men in new businesses about 2 to 3. Latina women in particular are entering entrepreneurial ranks full speed ahead, outpacing every other demographic group.

Entrepreneurs and Irritable Online Marketing Syndrome

Every year, many one-man online Web sites and small e-tailers close their online business doors and drop out of the internet marketing race without giving themselves a fair shot at success because of Irritable Online Marketing Syndrome (IOMS).

Women Entrepreneurs Prove Its Not Just A Man’s World

I had the honor of speaking at a women’s business association luncheon on the topic of entrepreneurship.

When I mentioned to my wife the day before that I was speaking to group of women entrepreneurs she asked, "Why on earth would they ask you to speak?" In her defense, my dear wife has no idea what I do for a living.

Tax Tips for New Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

New ecommerce entrepreneurs can find them confused and confounded by the tax and accounting requirements of their venture.

Successful Entrepreneurs Need Employee Ownership

“Every individual…intends only his own gain….By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it.”

Entrepreneurs: Community Leadership

Small business is the backbone of the economy. Small businesses hire the vast majority of new employees. Independent businesses are leaders in their community as well.

Joel Warns Entrepreneurs

This is a good warning for entrepreneurs. Think that getting talked about on blogs is a good thing?

Not Using Much Microsoft Stuff

I think it’s funny all the anti-Web 2.0 stuff that’s been happening around blogs lately. Meanwhile hundreds of people show up to TechCrunch’s BBQ to talk about the future of the Web.

Entrepreneurs Go Virtual!

With the massive explosion of start-ups and home businesses developing, you’ll be hard pressed to not know of someone going down the entrepreneurial route.

Veteran Entrepreneurs Are Growing In Ranks

When I’m not running my own business, writing articles about business, speaking to groups and organizations about business, or consulting with companies who want my advice about the running of their business, I teach a weekly class on the subject of (care to guess?) starting and running a business.

Small Business: Entrepreneurs Lead The Way

When you think about it, small business entrepreneurs hire themselves. Now that’s efficient job creation. I’d like to see some convoluted government make work project match that one.

Intro To Project Management for Entrepreneurs

One of the greatest benefits of projects in an organisational context is their ability and effectiveness in the achievement of goals.

5 Powerful Strategies For Depressed Entrepreneurs

Ok, so you have not made your first million within 90 days as you thought. Your idea crashed and you feel gutted. Worst, your partner says I told you so. You and your get rich ideas. Well, I salute you because you tried and failed. Guess what? The more you fail, the faster you will succeed. So keep falling forward. Get up and keep moving. The distant dream is getting closer with each step.

Methods of Generating New Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Summary: Even with a wide variety of sources available, coming up with an idea as the basis for a new venture can still be a difficult problem. The entrepreneur can use several methods to help generate and test new ideas including focus groups, brainstorming and problem inventory analysis.

Women Entrepreneurs Guide To Financing

It’s a fact, over 66 percent of new business owners are women. And did you know that women entrepreneurs are 75 percent more successful than their male counterparts at managing and profiting with their own home based business.