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A Social Networking Bill Of Rights? Maybe

By now you’ve likely heard of last month’s scandal about employers requiring employees to hand over their passwords to their personal Facebook accounts or else get fired/not hired. While it still appears to be a continuing problem, the issue reached Congressional levels of debate and even prompted a response from Facebook. So is this going to be another chapter in …

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Teacher’s Aide Suspended: Yet Another Facebook Password Battle

Yet another former employee is fighting a legal battle against employers after being suspended for refusing to hand over access to her Facebook account. Teacher’s aide Kimberly Hester, of Cassopolis, Michigan, has taken unpaid leave and is collecting workman’s compensation while she fights her suspension. Hester was an employee of Lewis-Cass Intermediate School, and working as a teacher’s aide at …

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Asking For Facebook Passwords… Disturbing?

This week, the Washington Post ran a story on an example of a potentially disturbing trend in Human Resources practices. They told the tale of Justin Bassett. Bassett was interviewing for a new job. In the course of the interview, he was asked for his Facebook password. Bassett refused to give it and even walked out on the interview, saying …

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Facebook Password Privacy Motion Blocked By House Republicans

Remember last week when news broke of shady employers requesting passwords to employees’ personal Facebook accounts? While litigation over the privacy issue has been shuffled around in various levels of government, a motion called “Mind Your Own Business On Passwords” was brought up today in Congress that would have granted permission to the Federal Communications Commission to prevent employers from …

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The Employers Demanding Facebook Passwords Debate Moves To The State Level

Employers asking for prospective employees’ Facebook passwords: it’s been on everyone’s mind lately after some recent reports that the trend was on the rise. Many are concerned that an employer demanding access to an applicant’s social media accounts as part of the hiring process is a gross violation of privacy, and one that could be potentially harmful for the employer …

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Facebook Not Suing Over Employee Password Scandal

When Facebook came out on the side of employees and job seekers who did not want to reveal their passwords to prying employers, people cheered. The company that is increasingly seen as in control of far more personal info than anyone else, ever, had struck a blow for privacy. “Facebook takes your privacy seriously. We’ll take action to protect the …

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Employer Facebook Password Requests To Get DOJ Investigation?

Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who announced last week that he was drafting legislation to prohibit employers from demanding Facebook login information of prospective employees, has now teamed up with Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to asked the Department of Justice to look into the possible illegality of the practice. According to a release from Blumenthal’s office, the two Senators are requesting that the …

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Facebook: Employers Asking For Facebook Passwords Alarming, Distressing

It’s been a big topic in the news lately, one that particularly troubles privacy activists and your average Facebook user alike: Employers, governmental agencies, and even colleges are beginning to demand employees and students’ Facebook passwords. The trend has been reported on numerous times recently. One report discussed the practices of certain state government facilities demanding access to a prospective …

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Employee Facebook Passwords: Another Complication

The scandal about employers asking for employee and interviewee Facebook passwords is growing fast. We talked about a few examples of this disturbing trend here before, including a discussion of the potential legal issues that could result. While the debate started off about interviewers asking job applicants to give their Facebook password, it soon progressed to even asking someone to …

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