Women Are Happiest Working for These Tech Companies

Women Are Happiest Working for These Tech Companies

By Josh Wolford November 19, 2014

Among other things, 2014 has been the year of the diversity report. Like dominoes, tech company after tech company has made a point to release their internal diversity figures – basically, gender and ethnic breakdowns of the companies’ workforces. As …

CISPA Add-On Concerning Password Demands Killed CISPA Add-On Concerning Password Demands Killed

As you probably know, on Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, better known as CISPA. The bill, which aims to help the government react to cybersecurity threats by making it easier to …

Amazon Hiring 50,000 People for the Holiday Season Amazon Hiring 50,000 People for the Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, retailers need to reinforce their workforce to handle the increased business that comes with the period. This year, Amazon has just announced that they will add more than 50,000 temporary jobs (seasonal positions) at …

Two Password Protection Bills Signed in California Two Password Protection Bills Signed in California

A few months ago, multiple reports surfaced of employers abusing their power to extract social media passwords from current of prospective employees – and the topic gained a lot of traction around the country. Bills were introduced in state legislatures …

Googler Reveals Awesome Google Death Benefits Googler Reveals Awesome Google Death Benefits

It’s common knowledge that it’s pretty awesome to work for Google. They’ve received a substantial amount of publicity for their top-notch employee benefits, which extend far beyond great health coverage and a great work environment. But did you know that …

Don't Check Your Email While Reading This Don't Check Your Email While Reading This

Are you one of those types that has a strict policy of not checking your work email when you’re not at work? If you are, good on you because you’re doing you and your heart a huge favor. In fact, …

Stop Shoving Social Media Down My Throat Stop Shoving Social Media Down My Throat
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It’s time to step up and address one of the great myths pervading the social web — that an essential best practice is decentralizing social media marketing and pushing it down to employees at every level of the company.  This is a philosophy …

The ROI of Employees The ROI of Employees

Over at his blog yesterday, Chris Brogan wrote about his admiration for Gary Vaynerchuk. The post sparked quite the discussion in the comments, a lot of it about ROI (return on investment). This stemmed from a quip Gary had made …

Should Your Employer Have Access to Your Facebook Account?

privacyrisksfacebookYesterday, I read a report in the American magazine The Atlantic which asked the question

The Need for a Flexible Employee Social Media Policy
Is Talking Bad About the Boss on Facebook Grounds for Termination?
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If the U.S. Army isn’t that strict about what its soldiers can say on social media channels (as long as no lives are on the line), then perhaps you should be a little lenient with your employees too. At least …

How Far Would You Go to Control Employee Social Media Use?
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CareerBuilder released some survey findings this week, indicating that over a third of employers in the U.S. are using social media to promote their company, but it’s employee use that still has some businesses worried.

Survey: Email, Intranets Top Employer, Employee Communication

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Research Foundation and Xerox’s Buck Consultants have released findings from a survey looking at employer-employee communication.

Among the findings are that the most common communication vehicles organizations use to engage employees and foster productivity are email and intranets, 83% and 75% respectively. In addition, half of employers are communicating through Facebook, IM, and Twitter.

Salesforce.com Provides Its Own Example of an Employee Social Media Policy
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This week has been a big week for social media as the world’s most popular social network announced that it reached 500 million users. Salesforce.com is just as excited about it as anybody.

A Few Guidelines for Drafting Social Media Guidelines
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For all of the great opportunities that can come from social media, there are plenty of negatives that come with it as well. This is of course why many businesses are hesitant to adopt social media strategies and/or let their employees engage with different social networking tools. It is also why many of the companies that do have social media strategies in tact, and do allow employees to use these tools have guidelines in place.

Social Networks Don’t Waste Time, People Do.
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Social Media policies of well-known organizations often appear in the news with commentary throughout the Blogosphere, the Twitterverse, etc. There is an ongoing debate about just how restricted social networks should be when it comes to employee use.

Where do you stand on this debate? Share your thoughts.

How SHOULD Employees Use Social Media?
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A recent study found that 54% of businesses prohibit employee social media use completely. There are valid arguments supporting both sides of this debate. We’ve seen quite a few news stories in recent months about social media policies coming to light.