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Guatemala Earthquake Destroys Buildings, Several People Killed

On Monday, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook the border between Mexico and Guatemala resulting in landslides, mudslides, and damaged buildings. According to reports, a newborn baby and three others were killed during the incident. Dozens were also injured. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake hit at about 7:23 am ET. The quake was 37 miles deep. Although the …

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Mississippi Storm Overturns 25 RV Trailers

At approximately 8 p.m. Monday night, the Santa Maria RV Park in Gautier, Mississippi experienced a strong storm which left as many as 25 RV trailers damaged or destroyed in its wake, along with downed power lines and much debris. Fortunately for the Gulf Coast community, the intense damage to the RV park only left two people injured badly enough …

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California Emergency: Fires And Drought

With the drought getting worse, California has some serious water problems, but add fires and it can be considered a state of emergency. California’s Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency in California on Friday. Rivers, reservoirs and lakes are the driest on record in years, and he’s asked the residents to cut water usage by 20 percent. Mandatory conservation …

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AXE Body Spray Gets School Shutdown, 8 Hospitalized

Bro, sometimes you just gotta spray solvent aerosol deodorants under your pits to get you smelling fresh for the ladies, you know what I mean? Slicking back the hair, sporting the sunglasses, and swag can only do so much for a pre-pubescent boy to evolve into a man. Everybody knows the cool rule of school says that the more you …

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Google Creates Embeddable Typhoon Pablo Crisis Response Map

Google has been pretty good about getting out crisis response maps for major storms and other natural disasters, and Typhoon Pablo is no different. Google announced the map on its Google Maps blog, and encouraged people to share it or embed it on their own sites. The map includes storm warnings, shelter locations, weather info, etc. It’s in English and …

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911 Dispatcher Falls Asleep During Call: Twitter Reacts

911 dispatcher falls asleep during a call placed on April 4th, according to the Huffington Post. A Maryland woman started to get a little concerned when her husband stopped breathing and started turning blue. Being a responsible, clear-minded adult, she picked up the phone and called 911. After explaining the scenario to the operator, she was then connected to the …

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