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Parents Outraged After Kids’ Lunches Are Thrown Away

Parents of students attending Uintah Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah were furious to learn that their kids’ lunches were taken by cafeteria workers. Up to 40 students had their lunch trays taken from them because they had balances on their student accounts that hadn’t been paid. Instead of eating a hot lunch, the children were given a piece …

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Cafeteria Lady Hires Hit On 4th Grader

You’re working as a janitor at an elementary school. One day, a 4th grade student walks up to you and says something rude and inappropriate. So what do you do with that fresh rage inflicted upon you by one politely mannered snowflake? After being provoked to such a degree of spitefulness, you seek out two other 4th grade students, offer …

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School Misspells Its Name: Twitter Reacts

School misspells its name: Now there’s a headline that’s sure to make a lot of kids very happy. The next time one of their students flunks a spelling test, they should immediately remind their teachers that the institution responsible for their education doesn’t have any room to talk. I’m sure its going to be a nightmare for instructors who have …

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