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E-Trade Baby Ready For Some Football, Leading Into New Super Bowl Ad E-Trade Baby Ready For Some Football, Leading Into New Super Bowl Ad

E-Trade announced it will feature a new Super Bowl commercial this year, marking the fifth anniversary of its well-known E-Trade Baby campaign. CMO Nick Utton says, “The Baby has become an iconic brand ambassador that has enabled us to capture …

E*Trade Puts Eggs Into Super Bowl Basket

Super Bowl advertisements can rank among the funniest things on television; they’re certainly some of the best commercials.  But people are once again considering how much they accomplish, as there’s word that troubled E*Trade plans to spend around $5 million on two ads.

Bankruptcy Could Still Be On E*Trade’s Table

As I write this, E*Trade’s stock isn’t doing too terribly; after months of losing value, it’s actually up 1.33 percent so far today.  But there’s word that, contrary to earlier statements, the company may still be considering a declaration of bankruptcy.

Tech Stocks Seem Ready For More Time Off

After news spread about Benazir Bhutto’s death, the stock markets looked shaky.  Now we’ve seen some discouraging data about new home sales.  Still, in what we can only describe as a pleasant surprise, most tech stocks appear to be doing okay.

E*Trade’s Stock Continues To Slide
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A lot of people will be taking a few days off around Christmas, and in most cases, a casual "see you later" will do.  We want to say "goodbye" to E*Trade, though, because the company’s stock is approaching $3 per share, and, well, that’s just not healthy.

E*Trade Bashed Following Bankruptcy Buzz

E*Trade’s stock has spent a good deal of time in the $8-$9 range, just comfortably floating along.  But due to warnings about earnings and even bankruptcy, the stock lost over 50 percent of its value today, and is now sitting at $3.57, down $5.02 from its opening price.